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❶Tobacco products, such as cigarettes, can cause many health problems.

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Why are rules important?

Students in grades five through eight are encouraged to participate. Each year, a selected topic for use during the academic year is announced, and contest instructions are published online and sent to schools by participating DAR chapters. Essays are judged for historical accuracy, adherence to the topic, organization of materials, interest, originality, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and neatness. The state will send one winning essay from each of the four grades to be judged on a divisional level.

Each student participant receives a certificate of participation from the chapter and the chapter winners receive bronze medals and certificates. State winners receive certificates and silver medals. National winners receive special certificates, medals, and a monetary award. Click here for an informational PDF handout. For additional contest information or guidelines, please contact your local DAR chapter. The contest is open to students in grades nine through twelve.

Judging at the national level is supervised by the NIAF. When it is consumed, alcohol immediately enters the bloodstream. Because it enters the bloodstream so quickly, it can cause a person to lose control of their body, their ability to speak, and their ability to make good decisions.

If a person consumes to much alcohol, they can go into a coma or even die. Alcohol can even negatively effect every organ in the human body. Because alcohol can effect a person's judgment, understanding the side-effects of alcohol can help me to recognize when a friend is in trouble. I have learned that if a friend passes out from drinking, it is important to call for help immediately. Friends who have been drinking should not be allowed to get behind the wheel of a car, and I should not get into a car with someone who has been drinking.

Alcohol can hurt me, even if I haven't been drinking. Tobacco products, such as cigarettes, can cause many health problems. Although no one under the age of 18 is permitted to purchase tobacco products, most tobacco users begin using tobacco products before the age of A person who begins smoking at an early age has a greater chance of developing tobacco-related health issues.

Smoking can lead to heart disease, lung cancer, and breathing problems. Smoking also causes premature wrinkles, yellow teeth, and bad breath. Chewing tobacco can lead to mouth and tongue cancer and even tooth loss.

Most importantly, I learned that smoking is not only extremely addictive, but it can negatively effect my family and friends. During a typical day, I will spend most of my time with my friends.

That is why it is important to make wise choices about the people I select to be my friends. When choosing friends, it is important to find friends with similar interests and goals and friends who don't use drugs and alcohol. If I am ever in a situation where I am being pressured into doing drugs or drinking alcohol, it is crucial that I have supportive friends who will help me out of these situations. If my friends are nonusers, it is possible to avoid these situations altogether.

If my friends and I are ever pulled into a high-pressure situation, then D. DAY 3 Today you will be adding more detailed information to your introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

An important thing that I learned was how dangerous alcohol can be to your body. Tobacco, like alcohol, has many side-effects, but it is also harmful to the people around the smoker. While I know that alcohol and tobacco are bad for me, I may be tempted to "fit-in", so it is important that I choose good friends who make wise decisions.

It helped me to understand how drugs, tobacco, and alcohol can effect me and my body. I also learned how valuable it can be to have friends who don't use drugs and alcohol. What I loved most about D. It gave me the confidence to Just Say No!

DAY 4 Today you will be revising and editing your report. Does your introduction include your feelings about the D. Do your body paragraphs include three new things you learned in D. Does your conclusion summarize your feelings about D. Did you include adjectives, adverbs, and multiple modifiers? Do you have all four sentence types Did you maintain your perspective and tense?

Why do we have rules?

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- This essay is the students chance to express their feelings on what they have learned over the course of D.A.R.E.; therefore, I encourage them to be creative and to provide personal experiences if they wish.

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Watch this video by a former PCE 6th grader. Wait for the video to finish loading before you attempt to watch. DAY 1 You will now begin drafting your D.A.R.E. report. Your report must be five paragraphs long and include an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

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Free Essay: "Dare To Be Different" | If you want to get what everyone is getting, do what everyone is doing. Mr. Toastmaster, ladies and gentlemen. And because of Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.), I know drugs, tobacco, and alcohol are going to chomp away at my chances. Memory loss and heart disease are only some of the severe consequences that will happen if I use these harmful substances.