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Writing An Smart Words Essay Bank Robbery Essay Writing Sat Examples

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They told everyone to raise hands and turn their faces towards the wall. Everybody was filled with fear and terror. The robbers then entered the strong room and instructed the cashier to open the cash box. They took all the cash and filled it in the bags. Then, hurriedly all the robbers left the bank and warned everyone that it anyone tried to follow, they would kill him, they escaped from, there in a few minutes.

The whole operation took not more than ten minutes. After their escape the Bank Manager sounded the siren and within a few minutes the police arrived the bank. All the people in bank were stunned.

Your email address will not be published. Download 26 Educational Android Apps. I got up to have a better view. The security guard ran out of the bank just as the robbers were making their getaway on a motorcycle.

The motorcycle sped off just as the guard leveled his gun and fired at the fleeing duo. Even in the bank, the sound of the shot was deafening. From my position I saw the shot hit the pillion rider smack on his back.

There was a spray of blood and the body went limp. As the motorcycle accelerated, the pillion rider was flung backwards onto the road in a lifeless heap.

The guard fired another shot at the remaining motorcyclist. The shot missed the target but shattered the back screen of a car nearby. By then I was out of the bank watching the real-life action. So were other customers. It was just like in the movies except that it was for real. The guard ran up to the robber that he had shot and examined the slumped figure. There was no sign of life. The guard then picked up a bag that the robber had dropped.

No doubt it contained the loot. I watched the scene until the police arrive about ten minutes later. After I went home as there was no point hanging around I could do my banking at another time. High School English essays.

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Essay on A Bank Robbery. It was early morning on Friday. The State Bank had just opened. There was quite a big rush of customers Related Articles: An Essay on the Bank.

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Crimes in big cities like Delhi are increasing day by day Last Wednesday a burglary took place in the Punjab National Bank in Punjabi Bagh. The bank was crowded with customers. Two robber having.

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As the story goes she and her girlfriend was on a motorcycle together and passed by a local bank in Bangkok, Thailand where they witness a bank robbery. They decided to stop to the nearest phone booth to notify the police. Free bank robbery papers, essays, and research papers.

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Mar 05,  · Essay on bank robbery is deemed to be regarded as a topic of conceptual study, wherein students can be asked to conduct a case study analysis based on any given scenario.4/4(81). The Perfect Bank Robbery - His name was Michael he recently planned and set in motion events to execute the perfect bank robbery. Why. Beyond the obvious financial motivation, he could.