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20 Expository Essay Topics for College Students

What Is Expository Writing?

❶Topics for high school students differ in the complexity with topics for college students.

What is the key feature of expository essay topics?

Expository Writing Prompts
What is an Expository Writing?
Meet top 50 expository essay topics

What change would that be and why? Pretend you could be turned into an animal. Which animal would you choose and why? Looking back over on your education, how important have teachers been in your school life? How important is your family to you? Why is your family important to you? Which are your most favorite and your least favorite styles of music?

Why is that so? If you were able to write only one book in your lifetime, what type of book would you write and why? If you had the chance to create a brand-new religion, what would it be like and why?

Pretend you will live till years of age. Describe what the world will be like when you turn If you could make changes in your school lunchroom what would they be? Most people like one particular animal more than other. What is your favorite animal? Why is it your favorite? Give a reasons for your answer. Write a paper describing a favorite day you spent with your family.

Give at least three reasons why you enjoyed this day so much. Be as specific as possible. What kind of music do you like listening to?

What are your favorite singers or bands? Give reasons for your choice. They are best used for high school students, although secondary students in advanced writing classes can also benefit from them. There is a strong parent-led campaign in your city to curb down on homework assignments given to students.

As a student, however, you feel homework is essential to promoting learning. Write a paper arguing your stand by giving specific examples and statistics to show the benefits of homework.

Mobile phones are both a boon and a bane for high school students. On the one hand, it puts you in touch with the world, on the other, it discourages real face-to-face interaction. Write a paper that explores both the pros and cons of mobile phone usage among teenagers. A lot of medical research today focuses on developing medicinal cures to ageing. Presumably, with the right breakthrough, humankind would live forever.

How do you feel about this? Write a paper describing the advantages and disadvantages of extremely long life. There has been a concentrated campaign in your school to curb bullying. While the campaign has been largely successful within schools, bullying has now reared its ugly head in online communities. Describe how online bullying is different from real-life bullying, and what steps can be taken to curb it.

In a globalized world, learning a foreign language has become increasingly important. Do you agree or disagree? Explain your answer in a detailed essay. Use facts, statistics and studies to supplement your views. What are the qualities of a good leader? What can you learn from the examples of great leaders of the past? You use the internet on an everyday basis. While the internet has a huge list of benefits, it has some downsides too. Write an essay exploring the disadvantages of using the internet, specifically referring to internet addiction, and information overload.

What is your favorite hobby? How to cook a dinner without burning your house down. How to go to a supermarket and buy only what you planned to buy. How to find the keys in your bag. How to sell a product that nobody needs. How to do your homework in 20 minutes. How to organize a surprise party.

How to avoid talks with strangers on buses. How to find something interesting on TV. How to change a flat tire the list would be incomplete without this enormously popular expository essay question.

Your feelings when you listen to your favorite music. Face expressions of a student cheating at the exam. Chupacabras — their appearance and natural habitat. Behaviors of cats dogs asking for food. The best way to save time in the morning. The best way to kill time in the evening. Your recipe of happiness. Your favorite place at home. The atmosphere in the classroom during a boring interesting lecture. Going to the dentist and doing homework. Washing dishes and proofreading your papers.

Reading a book and watching a movie. Talking to your friends and texting them on Facebook.

Expository Essay Basics: What Is an Expository Essay and Why Does It Matter?

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Oct 02,  · To make a good expository essay topic, you need to have some sort of question you are answering. Additionally, I'm not sure you are specific enough in using the term "Eastern Religions." Which religions are you referring to? Many religious groups would not be comfortable being grouped canlimacizlemek.tks:

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Expository essays discuss topics by using facts rather than opinions, requiring students to evaluate and investigate while setting forth their arguments clearly and concisely. Teachers often include expository essays as part of assessments, especially in college-level courses, so students can help themselves succeed by practicing writing these .

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An expository essay examines a topic, evaluates the supporting evidence, and asserts an argument. Be sure to pick a topic that you can argue or somehow take a stance on. Expository essays are not research-based argument essays or persuasive essays. Expository Essay Topics Expository essays are essays where professors ask their students to describe or illustrate something. In other words, it .

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Apr 11,  · – expository essay topic must be relevant to the subject on what you were assigned to write. For example, if your subject is “law studies” it is an unsuccessful idea to write about reasons of children obesity in high school. Need a perfect topic for your expository essay? We have made a list of 10 unusual topics that you can use straight away for your essay or use as an inspiration.