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What are the advantages and disadvantages of slow food and fast food?

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❶Blogger 24 November at In most cases, cooking for single person leads to unnecessary food been remaining which goes to waste.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fast Food

But, recently, We have heard that fast food is farmful food for human. However, recently, We hear that fast food is harmful food for human. There are too many researches about disadvantage of fast food. I think that fast food has more hamful properties than benefit ones.

There are some reasons why fast food is harmful one. First of all, Fast food is fried by oil. For example, When it was fried, Chemical reactions occur. By-products of these chemical reactions make us sick or give us bad effect. Especially, Cholesterol is very harmful. This material originally exist in our body as hormone.

Children too much eat this food are considered obesity and lifestyle related disease. These children go through growing season. On the other hand, There are advantage of eating fast food. First, If we eat fast food by chance, To eat fast food is not harmful. It is convenient to eat fast food. In most parts of the world, the popularity of fast food is growing at a considerable rate.

Fast food can be prepared and served within a very short time, and thus is more convenient for those people who tend to be busy or single peoples who are not willing to cook. Although, fast foods has got bunch of advantages, it has as well some negative effects which should be carefully considered. Unlike fast foods, home cooked meals required time for shopping as well as washing the utensils. Such challenges do not exist when a person opts for fast food. Further, fast food is an excellent option for who do not know how to cook or single people who are not willing to cook for one.

Especially for single people, fast food is absolutely cheaper. In most cases, cooking for single person leads to unnecessary food been remaining which goes to waste. As well, fast food comes at a cheaper price compared to home cooked meals. Fast food menu offers a good option for people on diet. Fast food menu provides people with extensive varieties of ready meals and drinks to choose. One can choose what he or she feels like taking for meals.

For instance, a person can skip sugar drinks and opt for low fat milk or fresh juices.

Don't Be Surprised By The Cost of Fast Food

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fast Food. Essay sample provider - In most parts of the world, the popularity of fast food is growing at a considerable rate. Given the fact that today’s generation is always busy, most people consider fast food as a convenient source of food.

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The greater the number of people at a meal in a fast food restaurant, the larger is the bill. Eating at fast food outlets is economical only for a single person. Going out to a fast food eating joint with family once in a while won't matter much.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food Essay Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Foods Food that we eat today has changed more in the past 30 years, than in the past 3, years. What is even more astonishing is that these changes have occurred without the public even knowing it or having the chance to debate it. Disadvantages of Fast Food. For the people who shun fast food, you’ll be glad to hear there are plenty of disadvantages, too. It’s lower quality. As much as we would love to .

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May 05,  · Advantages/Disadvantages Of Fast Food Short Essay There are many reasons that many people love to eat fast food. It is fast and easy to eat food which makes us satisfy. In conclusion, the disadvantages of fast food outweighs the advantages of fast food. Fast food may be convenient, cheap and have a wider variation, however these advantages can easily contradict themselves as they can encourage the customers to overeat, leading to various health problems.