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Marilyn Reversal

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❶His art focused not only on creating new modes and styles of artistic expression but they also functioned as insightful social critiques and commentary.


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Accessed on 18 February, FAQ: Accessed on 18 February, Marilyn Monroe biography: A short biography of world famous movie star, Marilyn Monroe" Page Wise. Accessed on…… [Read More]. The 'New Look' as exemplified most prominently in the red, full-skirted gown worn by Marilyn Monroe in a scene set in a powder room featured sweeping skirts, a tiny cinched waist, and an exaggerated bosom.

It was an ultra-feminine ideal that stood in stark contrast to the more practical, comfortable, and androgynous appearance of orld ar II fashion. The style of the New Look was far more restrictive and made women look more like artificial adornments than the ideal of 'Rosie the Riveter. Representations of Female Sexuality in the 's. Prior to the war, the world was in a the most severe economic downturn that anyone had experienced in modern times, whereas the 's were one of the most prosperous times in American history.

The prewar years were fraught with struggle for between the wealthy elite and the poor. There was a relatively small middle class that served the wealthy and helped to dominate the poor. After the war, people, as a whole, had more economic opportunity, and the middle class grew astronomically. The war also separated America's ideas of what a woman was from what she could become. During the war women had been required to work in factories doing jobs that were normally reserved for men.

Women could be teachers, nurses, or mothers before , but…… [Read More]. Art can come in many shapes, sizes, and mediums, yet one thing that all art has in common is its ability to connect to individuals and enable them to experience catharsis, that is illicit an emotional response. Some of the most awe-inspiring works of art are architectural such as the Lincoln Memorial, which bookmarks the National Mall in Washington, D.

The Lincoln Memorial is impressive and its sheer magnitude and size was unexpected. Walking up to the memorial, I realized that it was much larger than I had anticipated and that much like a temple, the actual memorial is located at the top of a series of steps. It was nothing like looking at the back of a penny or a five-dollar bill. The Lincoln Memorial successfully combining the concepts of form and function through its structure Pearson Publication, Inc. The memorial itself was designed by Henry…… [Read More].

Directed by Billy Wilder, a legendary director in Hollywood, the film was shot in black and white, and uses straightforward lighting, camera shots, and editing to create a film that is visual, but never takes anything away from the cast, the script, and the setting. It is the acting and the music that all add up to make this film memorable, and it is an excellent example of when to use unique camera and lighting techniques, and when not to.

Most of the camera shots in this film are straightforward. There are several deep-focus scenes, such as the pivotal scene in the garage when the car careens into the garage, and then the men are lined up against the wall. The lighting in this scene is dark in the…… [Read More]. Venus Role in Art. Venus in Art Introduction to Venus and Aphrodite: Throughout history, Venus has long been a source of inspiration for artists. Her representation of love and beauty has been captured in various mediums, from the visual arts of paintings and sculpture to music and drama; Venus has served as a universal symbol of beauty and has embodied the secrets of love.

Central to understanding how artists have been able to use her as such a representation of love and beauty, is understanding Venus and Aphrodite's roles in history and Greek mythology.

Venus is an ancient Italian goddess closely associated with fields and gardens and later identified by the Romans with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Although the question as to how Venus came to be identified with so important a deity as Aphrodite remains unanswered, Venus' identification with Aphrodite is certain and because of this is often depicted in art.

Star Power Influence of Actors. Kramer" is so intriguing because there is never the necessity to choose sides, although the film is unconventional for that time in that it was a woman leaving her husband and child as opposed to the man. The film shows a struggle between two unhappy individuals who are striving to find themselves -- Ted struggles in his career, and Joanna feels that she lost herself upon entering into the marriage. While this film belongs more to Hoffman than Streep, what is the most interesting in terms of social and cultural ideas is that Streep's argument at the end of the custody trial is a very simple "appeal-to -- the fact that motherhood is powerfully persuasive as a social institution" Malloy Streep's portrayal of Joanna Kramer shows some very important issues of this time period such…… [Read More].

Importance of Humanities in the Professions. Humanities Importance of the humanities in the professions: A comparison of "Paul's Case," Muriel's Wedding and Andy Warhol's rendition of Marilyn Monroe The modern concept of 'celebrity' is that anyone can be famous, provided that he or she embodies an ideal of glamour, using material trappings like clothing and possessions to show his or her 'specialness.

The idea is paradoxical -- on one hand, celebrities are special, on the other hand the media suggests everyone can be a celebrity and 'famous for 15 minutes' if they buy the right item. This can be seen in "Paul's Case" by Willa Cather, about a boy who feels as if he is above his classmates. Paul desires to have a celebrity-like status, based upon his perceptions of himself as having innately refined tastes. But this costs money, and Paul is unwilling…… [Read More].

The Boundary of Art Andy. The Curwen press, Kinsman, Jane, "Soup can mania. Andy Warhol and his world: Nykredit, Image Source Image 1: Master of Mixing Art and. The argument that I have been making is a twofold one. The first branch of this argument is that Pop Art, while it incorporates ordinary images and commercial motifs and tropes just as does commercial design, it does so in different ways and for different reasons than does purely commercial work.

It is because the motivations of the Pop Artist and I suppose we might say of the art objects themselves are so different from the motivations of commercial designers that Pop Art must qualify as art. Rather than simply giving his audiences pretty pictures, arhol made them work to understand his creations -- and this seems to me to be a pretty good definition of what art is and what the artist does. And once this condition is met, it really does not matter how much if any money the artist makes from the work.

Yes, arhol ended up…… [Read More]. Incorporate three of the factors that influence meaning as critical criterion. Smirnoff's campaign was a trend-setting advertising campaign that boosted the product and enhanced its worldwide selling power.

This advertisement for the world's best selling vodka was based on spectacular or illusion advertising. The theme -- this bottle can change reality.

This is a good example of category and brand development tools that set the stage for some of the more critical criteria for producing a successful advertisement. What is the advertisement saying to audiences? And what was its intended message? In all probability, the message s could be perceived differently by different populations.

The hidden message could be "American loves Smirnoff"; or "be true to the red, white and…… [Read More]. Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy. Instead, her cancer diagnosis provided a catalyst for her to investigate the relationship between beauty, sexuality, and feminine power in America.

The resulting discussion, and Lucas' affirmation that all women should be able to wear red lipstick, is extremely uplifting.

One of the most interesting aspects of the book is that Lucas uses Marilyn Monroe, probably the preeminent example of American female sexuality, as an example throughout the book. Monroe is one of those rare sex symbols who is not frequently broken down into parts, but is taken as the whole as an eminently sexual creature.

Furthermore, years after her death, most people are aware that the sex-pot side of Marilyn Monroe was an affectation that a young girl used to achieve commercial and financial success in Hollywood. Lucas breaks Monroe down into two aspects; the breasts and the lipstick. Looking at a pre-surgical society, she shows how women could…… [Read More]. Art Pop Art An Aesthetic.

Like many of the Pop Artists, Hockney frequently experimented with the media of his work, delving into both photography and film, and even set design. Photography, film, and other new media have proved to be a 'natural' outlet for Pop Artists.

Since Pop Art cannibalizes the subject matter of popular culture, using the other tools of popular culture such as reproduction and the moving image seems like a natural progression. Some of David Hockney's most brilliant, acclaimed and interesting work have come from his use of collages, or composite photographs, designed to challenge the limitations of still life.

Hockney said he strove to create a 'complete' picture of a moment in time in photography -- an impossible task, perhaps, but deliberately so. His use of composites also shows how a single moment, like a conversation, is made up of a multiplicity of perspectives "David Hockney -- Photocollage," h2g2, Warhol and Koons How Does.

But the cool tone of the images in arhol's works is one reason why a viewer might be tempted to read a kind of backhanded affection for advertising and consumption in arhol's series, as well as satirical parody. For instance, a viewer might ask, is there, in the repetition of stars' faces such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie O. And of course Marilyn, as well as Marlon…… [Read More]. Andy Warhol and the irmingham Race Riot Andy Warhol is considered one of the most important and influential artists of the Twentieth Century.

His art focused not only on creating new modes and styles of artistic expression but they also functioned as insightful social critiques and commentary.

To a large extent all of his artworks are an oblique and sometimes harshly direct unveiling of modern consciousness, society and the media. He was famous for using the techniques and styles of the media to expose the harsh realities of the society around him. However it is in the directly political works and images of society's violence and discrimination that he is at his most expressive and influential as an artist.

Andrew Warhola, was born August 6, in Pittsburg. He came from a deprived background and was eventually able to attend a commercial design course at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Institute of Technology. Henri Cartier Bresson and Tacita. However, I think we also share the common elements of having been very highly-trained as artists. Therefore, we share a very solid classical artistic background, and I think that comes through in the strength of our works, even though we approach our work with a very different style.

Tacita is absolutely right about a shared cultural impact. World War II changed the face of Europe. The Holocaust was not the first time something atrocious had occurred, but it was the first time there was a genuine threat that someone like Hitler could rule the world.

It was also a moment of striking shame for so much of the world. So many countries…… [Read More]. Borders Visible and Invisible Presentation of 3 Artworks. Visible and Invisible-Presentation of 3 Artworks Borders of gender: Artwork that questions the way women are represented Depicting the female form has been central to the development of estern art, yet women have often been denied the means to create art themselves.

Kruger takes existing photographs and images of popular culture and reconstitutes them into collages. Kruger, much like male artists before her like Manet and Andy arhol, reconfigures conventional ways of depicting the female body to cross the borderlines of what is considered art, appropriate sexuality, and appropriate ways of representing women. The work gets its title from the literal words that are cut out and transposed…… [Read More]. These are movie companies and their entire image revolved around the number of participants of their films.

People who wanted to see the movies being made had to go to the studios in order to see them. They made movies in a profitable manner for the sake of the studios, but placed the entire industry under their control and dominated over it. MTV has succeeded in catering to the whims of new generations of youths in the 25 years since it launched, and it is continuing to grow.

In addition, with its new parent, MTV Networks is readying for a more visible role with plans to leverage its influential brands in new ways.

Not everyone, however, is enthusiastic about the impact of MTV on today's culture. Gender Billy Wilder's Film. Unlike the unequivocally feminine Sugar Cane, neither Joe nor Jerry plays the role of the cad or the cowboy. In fact, Joe shows genuine emotion and caring for Sugar as his feelings for her deepen.

Joe and Jerry, like Sugar Cane, are musicians. All three are therefore portrayed as social equals regardless of gender. Gender and sexuality are treated differently in Some Like it Hot.

The key scenes in Some Like it Hot with allusions to homosexuality are the ones in which Osgood pursues Daphne. Osgood challenges conventional gender roles and stereotypes. He has been married "six or seven times" and only his mama has kept track. His inability to remain in a stable heterosexual relationship may be viewed as a typically male, cavalier attitude toward marriage.

Race Class Gender the Intersection. The different "isms" such as sexism, heterosexism, and racism are creating very real schisms -- in our minds, and between people. The chasms of communication that are created by hatred and misunderstanding are socially constructed. They can be socially deconstructed too.

Such rifts occur between groups of people and between whole cultures. In some pockets of the United States, social conservatism threatens to erase the social progress made since the Civil ights movements of the s. There are still people in the United States that believe that homosexuality is unnatural, even immoral.

The idea that heterosexual marriage is in some way superior to homosexual marriage is rooted in outmoded religious doctrine and not in positive social progress.

Within these "isms" are the chasms of misunderstanding that create social strife and inequality. Income disparity, for example, is closely linked with race as well as gender.

Women still get paid less than…… [Read More]. Feminism Matrilineal History or Girls'. She has been praised for using her music and videos to raise this question and to confound the usual exploitative answers provided by 'the media'… Gaga's gonzo wigs, her outrageous costumes, and her fondness for dousing herself in what looks like blood, are supposed to complicate what are otherwise conventionally sexualized performances" but this complication does not necessarily lead to a feminist liberation Bauer Still, Gaga has been embraced by a generation of women, some who shun and some who embrace the feminist label.

But real young women, who, as has been well documented, are pressured to make themselves into boy toys at younger and younger ages, feel torn. They tell themselves a Gaga-esque story about what they're doing. American Economy s Consumer Culture. Thus, a couple -- Tom and Betsy ath -- are stuck in the middle trying to find real meaning in it. Living in suburban Connecticut, their three children are addicted to TV and show no real interest in the life around them.

Tom is the epitome of the discontented businessman, who is forced to work to pay for the new middle class suburban life. Despite his hard work, he finds it hard to pay for his life, a staunch contrast to the free living seen in the Seven-Year Itch. Betty's acceptance of Tom's affairs, which shows the passive and supportive role of the wife in the s no matter what the husband is to do -- he is her life support, for she is a stay at home wife. In the end -- the money isn't worth the tension it causes at home.

Thus, the film is a testament to…… [Read More]. Hero The Definition of Hero. Madam Eglantyne the Nun, is also an ironic charater.

She eats in a very refined manner and attempts other fine characteristics such as speaking French, although she fares poorly at this. Ironically, not all her language is pure, as she swears cosntantly by "St. Loy," a saint renowned for not swearing. Unlike the general conception of the Nun, she is very concerned with outward appearances and did not much care for human beings.

Indeed, she cared much more for her three dogs than the human beings around her. Another irony is that she has a coral trinket to fight worldly temptations, which is clearly failing badly. A second character is the Friar, Hubert. While he is jolly, merry, and festive, his actions are nevertheless evil and cunning.

He impregnates girls, for example, and marries them off. He deceived the faithful by hearing confessions for a fee, and even begged from…… [Read More]. Influential Fashion Designer of Today.

In , with the help of his long-time friend Barry Schwartz, Klein took the leap and fulfilled his entrepreneurial dream "Calvin Klein". At first, the company designed women's coats, but it soon branched out into other areas. Klein applied the simple, clean lines of his coats to women's sportswear, producing practical yet fashionable clothes. His designs gave women seeking empowerment "tailored suiting with an authoritative image without the loss of a feminine quality" "Calvin Richard Klein".

Klein produced popular scents like Obsession, Eternity, and Escape, and he transformed men's underwear from utilitarian undergarments into something clean, simple, and sexy "Calvin Klein". The clean lines and subtle colors of Klein's works rebelled against the ornate and overwrought products of the s and s. He helped to create a truly American style that was distinct from…… [Read More].

Fifties the Book the Fifties. However, the first attack on the U. A large army of Chinese soldiers attacked the U. This forced the retreat of UN forces. Ridgway received command of all the forces serving in Korea, along with relative freedom to act as he saw fit. Although his initial aim was to undertake an offensive in Korea, he soon realized that the army was not in sufficient shape to accomplish this. Instead, General Ridgway undertook to rebuild the army. Mary Pickford United Artist's Founder.

The films Pickford brought to life as a producer later in her career were often nothing like those she starred in as an actress: For example, "in , during the independent production boom at the end of orld ar II, she organized Comet Pictures to make medium-budget films with Ralph Cohn, the son of Columbia Pictures cofounder Jack Cohn. At Comet she produced probably her finest later film, the noir hit Sleep, My Love " as well as the broad, comedic-style films My Little Chickadee with.

Joe Aberdeen Pickford defended the role of independent producers in , in a speech that noted that for film to continue to remain relevant in the 20th centuries, it must be innovative and challenging, particularly given that radio and…… [Read More].

Queer Films Queerness in Gentlemen. The moment when the two fiends fight is essential in having audiences undestand what is actually going on between the two. The film appeas to follow a typical omance movie stoyline in paallel to the one that involves dugs, as this is like couple getting togethe, beaking up, and eventually getting back togethe as a esult of seveal events that ae vey impotant in making each of them ealize that the othe is special.

The moment when they eunite is impessive, as Saul escues Dale fom thei pusues and influences him in saying "You saved me," only to espond with "You came back fo me.

Pineapple Expess is in geneal a unique…… [Read More]. Bizarre moment a shopkeeper's 'possessed' Have you got room for this stunning trailer home? The 'three simple words' that would turn a Nurse weeps as she recalls how retired shopkeeper, 85, Chinese family of four are sentenced to death for killing One Show presenter Anita Rani, 40, hits out at Shocking moment drink-driver speeds off from crash scene Tucker Carlson accuses 'creepy porn lawyer' Michael Man 'shouting Allahu Akbar' drives car into a crowd in Can you see a ghost?

Jimmy Buffett leads the scores of people ignoring Fraud warning over fake Netflix emails that trick you Senior Scotland Yard officer faces the sack for using Married primary school headteacher and mother of two, 43, Comments Share what you think. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Femail Today 'I'm not married yet!

Jackson and other Hollywood stars at memorial service in LA Kate's mission to rescue kids at risk: Duchess of Cambridge launches her first solo charity campaign to help disadvantaged children across England Eddie Murphy's girlfriend Paige Butcher shows off baby bump in skintight dress Princess Charlene of Monaco shares adorable snaps of twins Gabriella and Jacques, 3, on their first day of school Shannen Doherty looks healthy and happy while discussing her cancer battle on GMA - as she admits she still has 'a bit of fear' after being in remission for a year Seeing double times two!

Journalists broke into Princess Margaret's hotel room during her trip to Italy to find out what NAIL POLISH she was wearing Former The Hills star Stephanie Pratt flashes her lithe legs in sparkling mini dress as she launches her glamorous new clothing collection Police to focus on what happened during party where Mac Miller was found dead, as it is claimed his home was 'swept clean of drugs before officers arrived' Relaxed royals!

Joan Collins debuts as nuclear war survivor on season premiere of American Horror Story: Mary of Denmark is chic in a pastel trouser suit as she's welcomed to Finland by flag-waving schoolchildren Gigi Hadid is joined by her dad Mohamed and Irina Shayk to celebrate her latest Messika collection Gigi was joined by her dad Mohamed Batman will NOT return! Ben Affleck briefly leaves rehab again amid major shake-up in DC Universe Stylish Rania of Jordan, 48, shows off her maternal instincts as she meets young children at an orphanage 'I almost died': Bow Wow opens up about his addiction to cough syrup as he urges youth to stop taking drugs in wake of Mac Miller's death 'She thought I was having a stroke': Law slams stars who lie about their diets: Les Moonves is seen with makeup free wife Julie Chen for the first time since he stepped down from CBS That might not be what they were expecting!

Lara Bingle is 'pregnant with baby number three' as insider claims model and Sam Worthington are 'over the moon'. Today's headlines Most Read Mom and baby are among five killed in 'biblical' Florence as looters begin to raid abandoned homes and Search warrant reveals white Dallas cop tried to use a set of KEYS to get into the wrong apartment then shot Jane Fonda declares that an 'avalanche' of sexual misconduct allegations are Kate's mission to rescue kids at risk: Duchess of Cambridge launches her first solo charity campaign to help Trump will visit areas affected by Hurricane Florence next week White House says as president's mid-term So why IS the observatory closed?

Sunspot says mercury spill isn't behind mysterious evacuation and insists Bob Woodward says he would release tapes of conversations he documented in his book 'Fear' if his sources Trump's Supreme Court nominee denies bombshell claim of drunken sex attack when he was 17 after woman says As scheduling permits, we can accommodate rush jobs for a fee.

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Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe was an actress,model,and inspiration to girls everywhere. she was born in and passed away in Marilyn Monroe was a successful women, in was a pivotal year for Marilyn, she divorced her young husband and changed her name from the boring Norma Baker to the more glamorous Marilyn Monroe (after her.

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Marilyn Monroe Paper Dolls (Dover Celebrity Paper Dolls) [Tom Tierney] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This incredibly lifelike Marilyn Monroe paper doll comes with 31 accurate costumes from 24 films. Full-color designs on heavy stock/5(12).

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Marilyn Monroe's Death Research Papers delve into an example of an art research paper with specific information that must be included in the paper, and the sources that are legitimate. Marilyn Monroe essaysMarilyn Monroe was known and loved by many. She started her career as a model, made films, and was even a sex symbol. August 5, , is a day many people remember because it was the day Marilyn Monroe was found dead in .