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❶Trends, Issues, and Implications. Army Command Policy and Procedures:

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Even though there seems to be many reasons to believe that higher military spending will bring a better life to people in a short term, the long run of high defense spending may impede growth and development.

This is because increased military production leaves less national capital and financial institutions for the civilian sector of the economy.

In addition, some government cares less about the life of their citizens than how to make the strongest weapons. Another main disadvantage of high spending is that it leaves less money in the government budget for them to dealing with social, environmental and other developmental issues.

Out of all this spending, Pentagon spending now accounts for over half In the same year, the U. With all the money spends on the national defense, the government could build three more sets of highway, many more hospitals and YMCAs. In additional, the government could spend money on environmental projects, help economic development, or even on agriculture.

All of these will help people to improve their standard of living. Since large amount of military spending creates lots jobs and productions, it becomes the main sources of income. But the military sector often allows military producers to feel less compelled to cut their production costs since they are paid by the government. Therefore, after a period of time, higher average production costs will depress the economy significantly.

As for the additional employment allegedly provided by the military sector, this is only a short-term effect: Another important factor is that there is no end line for the military spending. Naturally, the existence of a standing army to "provide for the common defense" would be required. Independence required an organized military strategy against a powerful Empire; to protect the new nation, it was certain that the military would be necessary to preserve all that hard work.

The Constitution therefore enabled the creation and maintenance of standing…… [Read More]. Military the Multifaceted American Defense. Fearfulness of non-state actors remains salient, but what is particularly interesting is the way ussia and China are singled out as nations with whom the United States is not currently engaged in war with but which nevertheless present peculiar threats.

The Department of Defense's National Defense Strategy notes that China's blossoming wealth has also enabled the proliferation of its military, which threatens peace in the Straits of Taiwan and potentially beyond. The supremacy of the United States as a global military power is an underlying message in these strategy papers, which are written as much to motivate and inspire as to guide policy.

Commitments to far-reaching objectives in Iraq and Afghanistan are toughed upon,…… [Read More]. Military While There Has Been. Off-Duty Education, as mentioned above, includes broader, more academic subjects.

Arts such as languages in countries where soldiers are expected to travel can also form an important part of such a curriculum. Other relevant subjects could include electronic engineering and other technical skills. Because of the changing social and political environment, many have held that Professional and Off-Duty Military Education should be integrated and streamlined, and that the current education system is no longer adequate to need the future needs of the Defense Force. Rethinking Professional Military Education.

The Heritage Foundation, July 28, Academics and Professional Military Education. Academic Exchange Quarterly, ummer Military Draft In arguing against reinstating the military draft in the United States, several things come immediately to mind. First among those, for anyone who has learned anything at all about the Vietnam ar, is that the draft can be devastating to society, causing upheaval at home as well as the return of bright, strong young men in body bags.

David Halberstam, a journalist of considerable experience, wrote a book, The Best and the Brightest, about the sacrifice of these young Americans for precious little, if any, gain to this country or any other. Moreover, that war lasted for years, ending in horrific scenes of people running through the streets of Saigon trying to leave any way they could. In the end, there was a Communist takeover despite the loss of all those young Americans. In an article called "Thinking About the Draft," illiam Galston wrote: In the wake of…… [Read More].

Military Recruitment Issues and Concerns Time is a valuable commodity that is always a factor in recruitment operations. In addition to regularly visiting in my case twenty-two high schools and two junior colleges, a recruiter must also factor in the time necessary to meet with the family of each future soldier.

In many instances, each recruit can represent a full eight-hour commitment on the recruiter's part required to travel to his home, pick him up, and escort him to the office to take a Military Entrance Processing System MEPS practice test. That process also includes scheduling time to complete the physical fitness, psychological, and ABVAST exams for each recruit.

Subsequently, each recruit represents additional time necessary to conduct a thorough background check and to verify all of the information provided by the recruit. In many cases, recruits have issues in their past that do not necessarily preclude their serving their…… [Read More].

Military -- Naval Questions in. Consequently, there was an "ancient naval arms race"[footnoteRef: Oxford University Press, Inc. It was on November 13th when then President George Bush issued a military order establishing military commissions to try captured terrorists. Critics immediately claimed that these military commissions were unconstitutional and that the president lacked the authority to create them.

Contrary to popular belief, military commissions have existed in the United States for most of it's history and used to try foreign nationals for war crimes.

And in the case of al Qaeda operatives captured on the battlefield, the legal rules and protections that have evolved are similar to those found in civilian courts. However, the Bush administration lacked Congressional authority to set up these commissions, they violated the Military Code of Justice, and the differences between the rights and protections provided for in civilian courts and these military commissions are too great to overcome the question of legality.

President Bush's lawyers point…… [Read More]. Military Efforts to Transform the. Despite the high operational tempo though of the U. The changes that the American defense forces are contained in policy changes that originate with the National Command Authority and executed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff down the chain of command.

Of late, two policies will pave the way for major paradigm shifts in the very fabric of the U. These policy changes are the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy banning acknowledgement of gays in the service and the gradual pull-out of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Military Strategy in Korean and Vietnam Wars.

The case of Korean War proves to be a success because of the implementation of accurate and extensive strategies. Ten years after the success in the Korean War, the United States faced a similar situation, but could not recognize the same success as in the case of the previous war. One of the essential factors in the failure in relation to the Vietnam War was lack of appropriate military strategies.

This research paper focuses on the illustration of reasons behind the success and failure with reference to Korean and Vietnam Wars respectively. Military Components There Is Much. He goes on to insist that "professional military education alone is not sufficient" to develop a real NCO leader. The ability to make decisions in a split second, the ability to make the best use of technologies, and the ability to train others, to be able to evaluate the men around you -- these are the components of leadership that Maxwell emphasizes.

I like the fact that Maxwell emphasizes versatility, creativity and good coordination skills for the NCO, because today's Army is isn't just about giving orders and expecting everything and every soldier to follow without question. It's about leadership, and yes a civilian education is important, and military training is pivotal to success; but, Maxwell concludes, the NCO must also be able to "apply new, innovative techniques to lead and influence soldiers.

Military Should Leave Iraq and. Likewise, according to Anderson , "War, if good for anything, is great for business. It means more than just the production of weapons and equipment -- sometimes faulty and overpriced. It promises billions in government revenues for increasingly privatized military training, recruiting, laundry and even KP services" p. To be fair, though, the vice president is not the only one involved in this unholy conspiracy to bilk the American taxpayer while bleeding the armed forces dry.

In this regard, Achcar emphasizes that the president is also implicated by virtue of his close ties with the oil and gas industry and the enormous political contributions they have provided to support his administration's prosecution of the war in Iraq.

Military Intervention Richard Kugler Outlines. The remaining six features that Kugler identifies from the National Security Strategy are inherently multilateral. Championing aspirations for human dignity, the first feature, is vague but likely refers to issues related to gender, class, and social struggles worldwide.

The second and third features, strengthening alliances to prevent and defeat global terrorism and working with others to defuse regional conflicts are explicitly cooperative in tone. Preventing enemies from threatening peace may require both multilateral and unilateral action, depending on the situation.

Igniting a new era of global economic growth and expanding the circle of development both clearly require the cooperation of foreign markets, regional trade organizations, and the international private sector as well. Military Rule Shaping Politics and.

The definition for "subversives" is a bit vague, but Fagen explains that in Argentina and elsewhere in Latin American dictatorships the victims of violent repression tended to be union leaders, liberal political leaders, artistic people in cultural circles, student protest leaders and media personalities p.

The whole point of these horrendous repressive policies was to inspire fear, confusion and "distrust" among the general population. For those who believe the United States' military always stands on the side of democratic movements it may come as something of a shock that the U.

Though first used against enemy structures and humans in World War II, napalm was used in the Korean War to devastating effect.

Particularly in September and October of , bombers were used for multiple runs to drop…… [Read More]. Military Finding Oneself in the. That is why I became Treasurer of the ives Club, out of gratefulness for this extended family.

I know many people of my generation struggle to find 'who they are' but the structure of the military offers a potent and compelling answer to that question. To serve means always to be at home amongst people who understand exactly what you are going through: Being in the military does not mean, contrary to conventional wisdom, that one must obey an unthinking policy of 'my country right or wrong. In fact, soldiers think more about the great questions of life and death,…… [Read More].

Military Application of Tranexamic Acid in Trauma Emergency esuscitation This is an article that reviews military use of tranexamic acid in cases of resuscitation in the instance of a trauma emergency. Scular disturbance with concomitant bleeding is one of the main death causes in military and civilian trauma.

Experience from Afghanistan and Iraq wars has caused developments in resuscitation of hemorrhage victims, with the use of optimum blood component ratio identification Morrison, et. The new approaches involved balanced and early delivery of packed BCs red blood cells , FFP fresh frozen plasma , cryoprecipitate and platelets to restore clotting factor 6 and circulating volume.

Notwithstanding these developments, the usefulness of a treatment to reduce hemorrhagic shock related mortality is yet to be established. The Problem As a result of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been a need to find advances towards revitalization for hemorrhagic shock. Optimal blood ratio components…… [Read More]. Military Integrity Adverse Affects of. A leader of integrity is well aware of the Army Values and how important they are in defining character traits that aid in the development of discipline and the ability to maintain that discipline Army These values breed integrity which in turn results in the type of discipline necessary for a soldier to recognize the right course of action and to continue that course, no matter the difficulty encountered Army For leaders, these qualities are even more important because soldiers follow their leaders' examples, thus a leader must demonstrate the values and integrity that encourage his soldiers to excel in every task they attempt and within every aspect of their…… [Read More].

Military Commission Act of Military Commission Act was passed by the U. However, this law has drawn severe criticism as well as a fair share of support from various sections of the society. The main argument against the law is that it has the potential for the government to suspend the right of habeas corpus for non-citizens which includes legal permanent residents who are in the U. The president of the United States or the law enforcement agencies have gained the right to detain anyone in the U.

This power has been awarded the designation of such individuals as enemy combatants or enemy combatants who are unlawful. The law also allows the president to decide what would constitute torture. Evidence that is obtained by coercion and…… [Read More]. Military Aircraft and Their Effect on Commercial Aviation Civil aviation deals with the organization and use of aircraft as a means of commercial transportation.

The principal interest is the use of aircraft on scheduled and chartered flights to carry passengers and cargo, but the subject also covers the use of aircraft for pleasure, business, and medical services. This governmental influence was a major factor in commercial airline operation until the early s, when the U. The result was a massive increase in competition, which led in turn to a reorganization of the airlines into larger groupings.

It seems likely that this process will continue in the international market, which will lead to an increase in air travel, and increased pressure on…… [Read More]. Military Ops Military-Led econstruction and Fiedler's Contingency Theory In light of the unfolding instability, violence and difficulty that characterized the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States military must reexamine its approach to the strategic invasion, occupation, reconstruction and power-handover that have evolved into a war-making template for the nation.

Accordingly, the research conducted hereafter considers the need for a change in leadership orientation, using Fiedler's Contingency Theory as the lens for the literature review thereafter.

The Findings drawn from the review of literature are presented in this account and, generally, provided confirmation of the pertinence of Fiedler's contingency theory to modern military strategy as well as the pertinence of Fiedler's Least-Preferred Coworker checklist to defining ideal military leadership. The reported findings connecting Fiedler's ideas with strategic and empirical documentation on applied military policy contribute to a number of policy recommendations.

In particular, these policy recommendations revolve around two…… [Read More]. Military Management and the Agency Problem. Military Management and the Agency Problem Agency theory can be helpful for understanding any organizational conflict or behavior, and applies equally as well to the private and public sector. Applied to the military organization, agency theory "offers insight into how military strategies relate to political objectives," an important consideration Petrina, , p.

When it is applied to the corporate world, agency theory also offers insight into how executive decisions are made and how executives can become corrupt when they possess significant power and separation from agents or shareholders. There are differences in corporate versus military governance and organizational culture, but those differences to do not cloud over the essential applicability of agency theory to both the private and public sector. A traditional view of agency theory as it applies to military organizations is that "civilians set oversight measures to monitor the behavior of the military and the military responds…… [Read More].

Military as an Institution in. Such practices led to the growth of foreign loans and investment to Chile, which were stopped during Allende's office, but at the same time it led to the domination of foreign capital in economy sector and weaking positions of national production.

Mining industry was privatized by big American corporations, which restored their traditional influence in this sector: Pinochet's neoliberal economic policies' benefits have been sharply contested.

In , unemployment was only 4. By this had fallen to 1,, and by it was down to…… [Read More]. Military -- Naval Support at. The Naval attle of Guadalcanal, November , Pacifica Military History, , p. Challenge for the Pacific: The Turning Point of the War Paperback. Osprey Publishing, , pp.

Military Ethics -- Smoking Within. Military personnel must achieve and maintain the best physical conditioning of they are reasonably able to reach for the duration of their enlistment as a fundamental obligation of being fit for duty. Smoking makes that impossible. Likewise, the American taxpayer has a justifiable interest in reducing the costs of fielding a military by eliminating unnecessary costs.

Smoking invariably adds to the already substantial costs of providing medical care to armed services personnel, both during their active service as well as throughout their lives afterwards to the extent they rely on veteran's services for medical care.

Military personnel already understand that the privilege and benefits associated with military service entail various restrictions on rights enjoyed by civilians. In this case, military justice must catch up to the manner in which civilian society has already incorporated the understanding of the risks of smoking into American life.

Military Therapeutic Group Introduction and. Attendance will be required for all group members to optimize the effect of the sessions.

Group members will be allowed to leave the group as long as the intention to leave is provided in writing. No reasons will be required. Because of the nature of the group, a mutual confidentiality agreement will be signed by all group members, including leaders, at the first meeting of the group.

There will generally not be homework, apart from the requirement to apply what has been learned to the work and home environment.

Group members may report on results if they feel they want to. There is no need for a formalized institution to determine the ground rules and structure of the meetings. This will be a collaborative process between me and the group members.

Group essions Group dynamics generally consist of four stages: Home Topics Government Military Essays. Retrieved March 7, , from the National Security Archive: Fact Sheet- Sex Trafficking. Retrieved February 23, , from U. Trends, Issues, and Implications. Army Professional Writing Collection. United States Central Intelligence Agency. The difference between intelligence and evidence.

The need for specialisation and co-operation in peace-keeping intelligence. Combat Studies Institute, U. Army Command and General Staff College, The Cold War comes to Main Street: America in 11 Schifferle, Peter J.

America's school for war?: University Press of Kansas, Conflicts and Foreign Policy. Developing leaders of character: The case for military higher education. Military service, race, and the transition to cohabitation. Journal of Family Issues, 30 10 , Status configurations, military service, and higher education.

Social Forces, 91 2 , Suicide prevention is everyone's responsibility. Military as a Job in View Full Essay. Policy options for military recruiting in the college market: Results from a national survey. Isoperformance and personnel decisions. Human Factors, 42 2 , Occupations, cultures and leadership in the Army and Air Force.

Parameters, 35 4 , References Schimmelpenninck van der Oye, D. Reforming the Tsar's Army: The Military Reforms of Nicholas I: Logistics from Wallenstein to Patton. Save your time and order an essay about military.

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