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PTLLS: Unit 7

What Does It Take to Write an Essay?

❶Learners are motivation is developed as they mark and critises the work of someone else making them feel in control giving them the opportunity to boost their leadership and judgemental skills.

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The initial assessment helps identify learners level, gives advice to prospective learners before the course begins to help point the learner in the right direction. Finally, the testing in each situation is where the learners tries out has been learnt. Gravells mentioned that some school may have skills tests template prepared for their teacher to use which is explained, along with how it would be used.

Also, I use tutorial, quiz etc as a pre-assessments session to help learners remember what has been taught in a particular lesson just before the actual examination. Analyse how assessment methods are used in lifelong learning. Gravells also listed methods like oral, multiple choice questions, puzzles , etc.

Also, I encourage the learners to check their knowledge online with a questionnaires set to solve curriculum coverage problems on related topic to assess their knowledge which also improves their ICT skill. Evaluate the strength and limitations of assessment methods to meet individual learner. On the other hand, homework is time consuming when setting, emailing and marking the answered questions with every set topic taught beforehand SCCD Note But not supporting inclusion may be a threat to everyone because one clear marking scheme is given for set assignment by awarding organisation which cannot be adjusted by even assessor to meet learners with SEN.

Gravells emphasised on the fact that it may be used to help children to refresh their knowledge and understanding of taught topics.

For example, learners who stammers will excel with this form of assessment which promotes inclusion. Then the class is disrupted due to disconnection from lesson, boredom and talking may set in amongst the gifted and talented learners Gravells. It could demoralise learners who are unable to convince the assessor and those struggling with phrasing their answer may show teachers lack of competence on subject.

Warnock explained that it may be an opportunity to challenge and promote learners potential e. Observation of practical work is another method of assessing learners skills in action. It encourages learners to make mistakes, realise and correct their errors, and several aspects of qualification can be assessed at the same time, as explained by Gravells , but it must be arranged to suit each student time, communication needs to take place with others.

At the registration day for the course, students had to complete a registration form and have an interview. The interview was simultaneously a tool to check whether the English level of the students was sufficient as well as a way of finding out what motivated the student and discuss the application form and course. Identifying needs Before the start of the programmer, I would check all my teaching materials and go over the entire syllabus while using the evaluation of the former course to see if any adaptations to the lesson plan needed to be made.

For example replace exercises that did not work with others or skip all together, replace grammar explanations that did not explain well for others.

A teacher needs to be up to date on the latest developments and changes in their subject field, and adapt the course accordingly. Planning Learning Before the start of sessions I prepared the room, checked materials were resent and audio-visual equipment was working. During the sessions my lesson plan guided me through all the topics that needed to be covered. I made hand-outs that described the grammar In English for extra clarity with some extra exercises to try out, as the books were all In Dutch.

By using a variety of teaching tools and techniques I tried to keep all students actively Involved throughout the sessions. Facilitating Learning Mid semester I made my students do a test, which would count for half of the total of the written exam score. This test allowed the dents and me alike to evaluate progress made so far and Identify problem areas.

As a result I could discuss problem topics again and sometimes advise students on studying methods. At the end of the course there was a final written exam as well as out evaluation forms, which would be filled out anonymously to encourage students to speak their minds. Quality assurance and evaluation Another responsibility as a teacher is the record keeping.

A teacher can keep a closer track on progress made if records are kept up to date on a regular basis. Records must be kept accurate, factual, legible and up to date. But more importantly, records should be kept secure and confidential. Every organization in the UK that stores personal data must do so by the guidelines and rules set in The Data Protection Act Legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice 1.

These can be generic, I. General to all teaching staff or specific, targeted to a specialist subject. A good example of generic legislation is the Education Act which covers a collection of laws relating to education.

Other Acts address more specific parts of education, for example the Education and Skills Act is meant to increase participation in learning for young people and adults and providing second chances.

Protection of Children Act was designed to protect children and vulnerable adults alike. As a teacher I would have to ensure that these outcomes are incorporated in my interaction with the students.

For example provide access to ranking water and healthy food. Or engage every student in group activities. According to the Freedom of Information Act , teachers should provide access to the records that are kept on the students if the student requests access. I will refer any identified SEN learners like English as second language, financial issues, health personal problems, physical or mental disabilities, etc. Very impressive use of the theorists and theories in this response.

You have adequately responded to the requirements of the outcome. A Learners guide to understanding the tiering of compulsory education in the UK. Experience as a Source of Learning and Development. Teaching Training and Learning. Understand the relationships between teachers and other professionals in lifelong learning. Analyze the boundaries between the teaching role and other professional roles. Like every other profession, several boundaries might be encountered on a daily basis between teaching role and other professional which may impact on their relationship and the job Gravells I recall the leaners being affected the as a result of partial assessment by only one of the subject teacher judgment which will not show the totality of the learners target, understanding or skills on that particular subject, when the second subject shared job teacher did not meet an examination marking deadline due to family issues, and important documents such as learners end of the year report are not completed and forwarded in time to the principal, putting him under pressure which cause late report submission other subject teachers.

Learners with financial or family issues which affects there learning by constantly arriving late to lesson or tired in the first lesson, as a result of trekking to school instead of taking the bus to school or absent from lessons often Gravels. Also, I need to attend organized meeting by the school to keep me up to date and help me to reflect on what has happened in the past days or hours, but could be time consuming, because It might delay other admin work like creating lesson plan, marking, assessing of learner work , etc.

In conclusion, I always need to demonstrate the reinforced 6 areas of the institute for learning code of professional Practice iFL, professionally, and maintain appropriate standards and to perform the required role and responsibilities assigned to me on my job descriptions and fulfill my responsibilities to learners, the school and colleagues.

Also, Unidentified English has their second language learners may be referred to the student affairs to get the right counseling and help, when the situation came to my attention from the learner first unsubstantial submitted work.

I will also refer learners who have shown constant fear or lack of confidence that is affecting and impacting on there learning as a result of bully at school or abuse at home or other psychological issues to the appropriate quarter through the school office.

In the case of lack of bus costs, I will refer them directly to the appropriate websites or company, but I will not research the information for them. My own responsibilities in relation to the Individual, Team and Organizational professionals which maybe internal or external such as administrative staff, caretakers, librarians, receptionist, teaching assistant, pod leaders, technicians, the educational psychologist, speech and language therapist, specialist teachers, educational welfare officer, school improvement partner, occupational therapist, parents, inspectors, guardians, visitors etc are very important Gravels.

As stated on my job description, one of my individual role and responsibilities towards other teachers is to be able to work as part of a hard working team of the school, which will make my job easier, and help me to improve my skill. I am aware of my organizational responsibility which is mainly my duty of care to the learners which includes to ensure my administrative work like learners register, end of term report etc.

I will create lesson plan, inform the pod leader TA and implement adequately especially during inspections such as Ofsted etc. In my practice, I need to leave the teaching environment in a clean, tidy and secure manner, keep to the time stipulated for my lesson so as not to disrupt their lesson, submit any handout photocopying request to the administrative staff a day before the lesson so that she will have enough time to make it available for my lesson to avoid any form of learning boundary, ensure that a proof e.

I will maintain the proper use of shared resource like classroom, smart board, computers , etc. Francis, M and Gould, J A Learners guide to understanding the National Curriculum Understand own responsibility for maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment. Explain how to establish and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment.

SCCD Note, elaborated on how to establish and maintain a safe and supportive classroom learning environment by ensuring that the different aspects like physical, social, personal and learning are appropriately in conjunction with each other, that is they are fit for purpose, and accessible for the subject to be taught, and knowledge to be gained by the learners.

These could include classroom rules, consequences, procedures, respect, dress code, seating arrangement, tidiness of the room , etc. Also, I will welcome each learners into the classroom from the doorway, and engage in a positive rapport with them individually, addressing them by their name, asking them how they have been, complement them on their new haircut, hairdo etc to make them feel good about themselves which makes them relaxed, safe and secure in the classroom as we start the lesson.

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Ptlls Essay Assessment - Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning research report. It is my role and responsibility as a health and social care diploma tutor, to guide the learner to achieve their qualification within the target date with a professional and respectable approach.

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ptlls assignment Essay  Level – 4 (Prepare to teach in the lifelong learning sector) - PTLLS The following are headings for broad areas students will have to research to show evidence of competence in PTLLS.

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Read more about PTLLS Assignment 6 PTLLS Assignment 7 Review a range of different assessment methods available and explain the ones you would use for your subject area. Ptlls essays Specimen questions for nvq 3 knowledge, online aet course, last edited: 23rd march, Millions of students to jumpstart your essays on 7 2 explain how feedback and answers for students use us. Essays on challenge discrimination and oppressive practices of each and inspiration.

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Ptlls Level 3 Words | 46 Pages be guided by the need to involve learners in negotiation over other issues, such as answering mobile phone, leaving early, etc. Assessment The delivery of courses will be followed by assessments to determine if learning has taken place, the level of understanding and to check if training strategy and tactics are appropriate. Ptlls Unit 1 Essay. PTLLS Assignment Write a report explaining responsibilities for promoting equality and diversity As a teacher there are many ways to promote equality and diversity but it is important to know the difference between the two.