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There are many ways to land an agent. One way is to submit a query letter. Query letters should be one page in length. The other way is pitching. I recently won a pitching event at the Montclair Literary Festival. This pitching event, Pitchapalooza has helped many writers sign with agents and publishers, turning them from aspiring writers to published writers.

We were only given one minute for our pitch. For example the pitch for Hunger Games. YA Gladiator meets Running Man.

Pick a story or a book and bring them into your life. Perhaps you are reading The Hunger Games, then one day our country gets into a war and after the war, the country is divided into 13 areas with billionaires living the good easy life in The Capital while the rest of us struggle to survive? Bring the story to life? Maybe that hot new guy is a vampire? Or we end up having factions after a war that destroys our country?

There are so many great stories, select one and take us on your journey. First, we heard about it in New York, then LA reported it. I decided to go to the city with my friends. Write a story about an inventor who creates a magical phone app.

What does this app do? Does it control anyone who opens the app? If it does what does it make them do? Who created this app? In the story, Emma and Jacob discover another hidden city within their world.

What does this world look like? Tell me about its inhabitants. Is difficult to ignore what is happening in this country. There is the problem with North Koren and the possible threat of missiles being sent to the United States.

There are hate groups and the people fighting the hate groups. Take one of these issues and write an essay about it. How do your friends feel? Here is your chance to get it all out. Print Email Share Here we analyze the skills involved in writing a good composition and suggest some activities to develop them. There are many skills involved in producing good compositions.

Footballers practise shooting at the goal, dribbling, tactics etc. They are not simply asked to turn up at the match and play the game! They are meant to be achievable, for there is nothing more motivating than success! A composition returned to a student covered in red ink is very demotivating so here are some ways to make correction more positive. Thinking of good ideas and vocabulary is often not something students do well, especially in exams. This skill can be developed in class. It is a good warmer before students do some writing on the topic.

Students sometimes get register confused when writing. In this lesson focusing on writing, students learn to write comments on a blog and how to agree or disagree by giving and responding to opinions. In this lesson focusing on writing emails, students learn to spot differences between formal and informal emails, and pick up useful phrases in an interview exercise.

In this lesson focusing on writing reports, students learn how to summarize information, and to compare and contrast the information in tourism reports.

Teenage course developing the four key language skills and life skills in the 21st century classroom. Skip to main content Skip to navigation Subscribe now: Individual Institution Free day trial Sign in. Making a start Planning the future The case against self-employment Business tasks Introduction to the series Chance and opportunity Decisions Notes and messages Problems and difficulties Studying and learning Success and failure Work and responsibilities Teaching approaches First lessons Inter-cultural training Needs analysis Pre-experience learners Role-play and simulations Teaching one-to-one What's it all about?

Playing the game Lesson 2: Company structure Lesson 3: Company profile Lesson 4: Situations vacant Lesson 5: Moving premises Working language Extreme makeover Get a slimmer model It's a numbers game Metaphorically speaking Sensational sales Text appeal To be or not to be taboo Unnatural selection Teaching Business English Prioritising vocabulary Being direct Low-level learners Workplace performance Improving fluency Understanding different accents Improving a needs analysis.

Banking and finance Bank products and services Bank profiles Banking and finance vocabulary Hospitality and Tourism Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Giving information: Literature EAP for the 21st century learner. Assessment matters What is assessment? Modern Technologies Writing 2: World of Work Writing 3: Nature and Environment Speaking 1: Media and Communications Speaking 2: Living and Surroundings Speaking 3: Part 2 — Question-Response.

Grammarman Meet the Grammarman team Grammarman: British English Determiners Nouns and phrases Verbs and tenses Grammar teaching Exploiting texts Little words, big grammar Task-based grammar teaching The discovery technique Grammar resources by area. About me Lesson 2: Daily routine Lesson 5: I love my family Lesson 7: How can we get back home? Air, land and sea No girls, no boys! Lost in the rainforest China: Kung fu master China: The girl in the red dress England: Knights of the Round Table England: Suffer and suffrage England: To be or not to be England:

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We're in the process of moving the Go Teen Writers website onto a self-hosted site rather than Blogger. and we hope to be back to our normal blogging schedule next week! In the meantime, happy writing! Stephanie Posted by Stephanie Morrill at AM KIM CULBERTSON is the author of the YA novels Songs for a Teenage Nomad . Would you like to improve your writing skills? Would you like to share your writing with other young writers? If this sounds like you, then we'd like to invite you to showcase your writing skills by becoming a member of the Teen Writers' Club, for free.

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