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Exploring Verulamium, the Roman city of St Albans (UK)

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14 thoughts on “Exploring Verulamium, the Roman city of St Albans (UK)”

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Your conclusion should prove the point of your topic. This is what most of the students in UK find the most difficult. The floor is composed of a central section with 16 square panels, each containing a circular roundel with a geometric design. The borders are bands of single and double interlaces and strips of wide and thin dark and light material. The hypocaust was stocked from a small room outside the main house, and the stockehole of its furnace is visible below a glass floor panel.

Heat passed through flues beneath the mosaic, one has collapse and can be seen. A rather long section of the city walls of Verulamium can still be seen today. The walls were constructed around AD and were over 3m thick at foundation level and over 2m high. They were built as a complete circuit round Verulamium with a total length of 3. Large gateways controlled the four main entrances to the town of Verulamium. The best preserved is the London Gate on the south side of the town.

All four main gates were massive structures with double carriageways and narrow passageways for pedestrians. Located in Verulamium park, the Verulamium Museum was established following the s excavations carried out by Mortimer Wheeler and his wife Tessa Wheeler. Wandering around the rooms, one can learn how the ancient town was built, how the inhabitants of the city made a living and also how their dead were buried.

This award-winning museum houses an outstanding collection of Roman mosaic floors, some of the best Roman wall paintings to have survived in Britain and a vast collection of small finds, from the most humble to the magnificent.

A range of rooms from various houses have also been recreated giving the visitor an opportunity to discover the life and times of a major Roman city. The remains of more the forty mosaics have been found at Verulamium, some of them being the finest ever found in Britain.

Surviving painting frescoes are rare in Britain and the Verulamium Museum is exceptional in having several well-preserved wall paintings. Most designs imitate marble veneers, columns and cornices, giving an impression of wealth and luxury. Despite the long settlement history of Verulamium, there remains little evidence of the Roman occupancy period in the form of stone inscriptions.

The inscription has been reconstructed as a large dedication slab approx. The inscription is notable because it mentions Gnaeus Julius Agricola , the Roman governor of Britain from AD , who is otherwise known from a biography written by his son-in-law Tacitus.

The bronze figurine probably once held central place in a household shrine. Venus stands holding a golden apple said to have been won in a beauty contest with the goddesses Juno and Minerva though it may possibly represent the goddess of the Underworld Persephone holding a pomegranate.

The statuette is one of the finest to have survived from Roman Britain. Many beautiful pieces of Roman glass have survived intact at Verulamium because they were included in burials and thus protected from the shifts in earth movement which usually breaks fragile things like glass. In a fine glass jug was found inside a stone coffin at Kingsbury just outside the Roman walls.

A visit to St Albans will give you a good chance to see some of the most impressive Roman remains and artefacts from Britain. St Albans tourist information: I came, I saw, I photographed View all posts by followinghadrian. Like Liked by 1 person. Wonderful site, and fantastic museum. Just a pity that visiting schoolchildren take over and prevent a visitor from hearing or seeing many of the presentations and exhibits.

This is one of many of the outstanding Roman archaeological sites which I I enjoyed visiting. Thanks again for allowing us to look around the site and museum again through your wonderful photography. I am looking forward to hearing all about your next research in Sardinia.

Reblogged this on hadrianicsociety. Nice summary, thank you. Thanks Carole for your interesting report on Verulamium St. As mentioned above by others, it now will be on my expanding list to see. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. February 1, December 7, followinghadrian.

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Hypocaust (Roman Mosaic) Site of historical interest. The year old hypocaust (roman central heating) and its covering mosaic floor were uncovered during excavations in Verulamium Park in the s by Sir Mortimer & Tessa Wheeler. By 79 it was able to dedicate its elaborate new forum and in due course acquired public baths, a theatre and temple complex, a macellum From the later 2nd cent. large residences were built, dominating the town in the 4th cent. some lasting into the 5th. Verulamium was the site of the martyrdom of Alban. Help; Site Feedback;.

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