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Working with Web Services in SharePoint Workflows using SharePoint Designer 2013

22 February 2018

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Overview of custom actions

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Is there a way to access a view from one of those lists? If you're saying you get no data when you run the report after you've deployed it, that may be a security issue; i. A simple way to test is to use stored credentials in the connection and see if that solves the problem. Take a look here in the credentials section: If you want to render the calendar view in SharePoint then you can create an external content type that points to your SQL Server data then use the external content type in a calendar list.

You can create an external content type by using SharePoint designer as well as by writing. I don't think this has been covered on mssqltips so you can search e. Check the guidance in the Credentials section of this link: I can view my report just fine in Preview but when I select "Run", I get an error stating: I'm using Windows Authentication integrated mode. I get this error both on my local development machine and on the production server. I can think of two possibilities. First maybe you can create a view on the SharePoint list; the view would only include the date range that you want.

Here's a decent link on CAML: I was unable to get previous years items, like if start date is i was not getting the item in the datasource on the SSRS report. Is there any way we could include items with start date as previous year. Take a look at this tip: I want to use the content as a lookup source in ETL and not sure of how to create the Datasource.

I've tried with a davwwwroot link but I've got trouble with authentification. Take a look at this tip that I did on how to use them: When you create the data source you specify the URL of the web site that has the calendar you want.

When you specify the dataset you will find the calendar in the in the list on the left hand side of the query designer. Look at the screenshot above and you'll see an entry for BI Team Calendar. Next Webcast - The Cloud won't fix that click for more info. View all my tips. Post a comment or let the author know this tip helped. I have read the privacy statement and understand I may unsubscribe at any time. Sunday, February 26, - 2: Wednesday, April 08, - 8: Friday, March 13, - 6: It would be of great help if you could help me out in delivering my requirnment.

Subha Friday, May 23, - 3: It's been a great help to me! Sunday, December 01, - If the Toolbox tab is not already showing, click it to expose the toolbox nodes. Click the SharePoint Workflow node to show the workflow development objects. There is a partial view of objects in the workflow toolbox in Figure 3. After you create your actions module and add your action and activity files, your project should look something like that depicted in Figure 5. You will see one. Additionally, you will have an Elements.

After you create your custom workflow activity, you can then package and deploy it. After it is deployed, the custom activity can be consumed by SharePoint Designer as a custom action. The solution package contains a custom actions module, which is a set of files that are deployed on SharePoint. This module can contain any number of workflow activity definitions, each of which is a. The module also contains actions.

Each actions file contains multiple actions that refer to the activities in the module, or to native activities that are available on a default SharePoint installation. After a solution package. After the custom actions are activated, they are available for use in a workflow. After your custom action is deployed, you can update or remove it very easily. All you have to do is open the activity project in Visual Studio, make the changes that you want, and then package and redeploy as described in the preceding procedure.

To remove the custom action, you can just uninstall the feature on the target site collection. Two troubleshooting hints that may help ensure a correct configuration include:.

Going to the Site Features page and ensuring that the feature that contains the custom action is activated. Notice that I used parenthesis to enclose the multiple parameters. This is completely optional — but improves readability.

Again, note the difference between the two. The syntax is below:. This is also useful for creating paging systems — in combination with an offset option below. So you know how to limit your results, and you know how to get the total items. All you need is to offset your results. Again, note the use of single quotes. The above will get a set of 10 items, starting from the 20th in the list. Combined with the total, you can create your own paging mechanism. There is a property in the REST response that you can use — for paging.

I will do another tutorial strictly on this subject — so stay tuned. For example, to grab the Id and the name of the author, simply append to your query:. Remember, doc libs are also lists and for the most part, are handled through the same endpoint. Although some information regarding document libraries require an entirely new endpoint. This includes file paths, subfolders, thumbnails and such. Again, there may be additional information that is not returned by the above, such as user groups below which requires a different endpoint.

For some reason, this information is separate from getting the current user information described above. But in order to get the current user groups, you need to pass the ID:. Below is an example:. This contains important material that will help you later in update and delete operations.

If you have Search features turned on, you will be able to do powerful queries against any of your content inside your SharePoint farm. Your application will go up an extra level — simply by integrating this capability. Are you ready for this? The results are buried under: At times, you want the payload to remain small.

Core scenario for custom workflow actions

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When we first created Access Services in SharePoint, we set out on a mission to enable both information workers and developers to quickly create data centric web applications with little or no the last several years it has become clear that the needs of our customers have grown beyond the scope of what Access Services can offer, such as mobile device support, .

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