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MFA Thesis Guidelines


❶It should be a logical presentation of information with a conclusion that explains how the work adds to or improves upon the stylistic, conceptual, technical, ideological, etc. All students whose thesis projects involve clinical research with human subjects must submit, with the title of the thesis, a brief description of the manner in which said human subjects will be used for the purpose of research and receive IRB approval.

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Completing and Submitting Your Thesis, Step By Step:
The Thesis Committee

The Director will email students one of three possible responses: Students may enroll in an extension up to three times if needed. The thesis project must include a 5-page essay introducing the thesis, describing the over-arching theme or connecting voice for your project, and reflecting on the journey you have taken as a writer, culminating in this final writing project.

You may reflect on your writing interests and experiences before entering the MFA program as well as your time in the program. You can discuss insights you have gained about writing craft or your own writing process. You may include acknowledgements of people who have been supportive or instructive in your journey as a writer. You may discuss books or writers who have inspired you, and you may include quotes from writers you admire use MLA format for direct quotes.

You may include examples of your own creative writing to illustrate points you make about your growth as a writer. Ideally, the introductory essay should be written at midterm or later in the quarter. Before a grade can be submitted for the thesis, all students must complete the program survey as the final Journal assignment in Canvas. Completion of Canvas journal entries and adherence to deadlines throughout the quarter will be factored into the final thesis grade.

The final thesis must be uploaded in Canvas by the due date and must be formatted according to the guidelines below:. Thesis projects are archived electronically; they are not posted publicly.

The student retains all publication rights. As of WIN QTR 19, thesis students who are unable to complete their thesis work during their quarter of thesis enrollment will take an incomplete grade, which will allow students 8 weeks into the following quarter to complete the thesis and submit it to the program director. Enrolling in the Thesis During the registration period for your final quarter in the MFA program, you will request to be enrolled in the Thesis.

Overview The final three credit hours of the MFA in Writing Program are devoted to completion of a graduate thesis—a final creative writing project that the student produces independently, with midterm feedback from a requested faculty thesis reader. Canvas Students enrolled in the thesis will log into Canvas several times during the quarter, click on Modules, and click on the appropriate module for instructions and information. Introductory Essay The thesis project must include a 5-page essay introducing the thesis, describing the over-arching theme or connecting voice for your project, and reflecting on the journey you have taken as a writer, culminating in this final writing project.

Final Requirements For Thesis Completion Before a grade can be submitted for the thesis, all students must complete the program survey as the final Journal assignment in Canvas.

Format Guidelines The final thesis must be uploaded in Canvas by the due date and must be formatted according to the guidelines below: The thesis must be uploaded as a single document at midterm and for final thesis submission. Do not send separate files for individual portions of the thesis. The first page of your thesis document should be a title page that lists the overall title for your thesis, your name, and the date of final thesis submission.

A page number should not appear on the title page when inserting page numbers, click the box for Different First Page under Design. Insert page numbers beginning with page 2; the page number and your last name should be right-aligned at the top of each page.

After your title page, begin your 5-page introductory essay. After your introductory essay, begin the creative content of your thesis. The page count for the final thesis must be between 70 and pages including cover page and introductory essay. Sometimes a fourth, optional member is added to the committee when a special expertise is desired in such cases, the fourth committee member may be a UW faculty member or someone from outside campus.

Part-time writers in residence may also serve as fourth committee members. Students are discouraged from using Creative Writing faculty members as fourth committee members, and should only expand the committee to four members if special expertise, or work with a part-time writer in residence, is particularly advantageous to the thesis project.

Thesis committee formation guidelines are set by Academic Affairs. Eminent Writers in Residence may at times be available for thesis committee membership.

Through a consortial agreement with Utah State University, members of their creative writing faculty may be able to join MFA thesis committees here. Students may work with faculty both in their primary genre and outside of it. If a student wishes to present a thesis that includes writing in more than one genre, the committee should be composed so that expertise in each genre in represented.

Students should wait until April of their first year to approach faculty regarding thesis committee membership. Faculty members who are unfamiliar with a student's work may ask the student for a recent writing sample before making the decision to serve on that student's committee.

Chairs and second readers ideally are selected before the end of the second semester; external committee members are typically selected during the third semester. The student will work most closely with the thesis chair to establish a thoughtful schedule for production and discussion of drafts and revisions, and for assembly of the body of work and artist's statement. Second readers are often deeply involved in most stages of the student's work.

The external member and optional fourth reader most typically join in discussion of the student's work very close to the end of the thesis process. The student can and should explicitly negotiate with each committee member the scope of their involvement in the thesis process. It is the student's responsibility to keep the committee apprised of their progress and to give reasonable notice of any change to the thesis schedule.

In the fourth, final semester, students should not ask MFA faculty members outside of their thesis committee to read their manuscript in order to allow faculty members to give their undivided attention to their thesis students. If a student wishes to change the membership of the thesis committee, they should consult with the MFA director regarding appropriate process. This is the typical thesis schedule for full-time students. Part-time students will of necessity follow a different time-line.

During the second semester of study, plan to meet with the MFA director to discuss your preliminary plans for the body of work and to identify a possible thesis chair. Faculty members can be approached beginning at the start of April, and not before, regarding thesis service. By the end of the second semester, you should have chosen a chair and typically your second reader as well , worked out a brief description of your goals for the body of work, and designed a plan for writing and revision during the summer and into the second year.

Early in the third semester, you need to finalize the full membership of your thesis committee. The thesis chair should consult closely with the student in identifying potential thesis committee members. When the membership of the thesis committee is finalized, the information will be recorded in the MFA program's Record of Thesis Committee form and the Thesis Committee Assignment form for the University of Wyoming.

You should also meet with your thesis chair early in the third semester to discuss the summer's writing accomplishments and to plan for the second year. Students must also submit the university's Program of Study form by the end of the third semester.

During the fourth semester, the student is focused on revisions of materials assembled in the body of work and of the artist's statement. The student will consult with the thesis committee, particularly with the thesis chair, regarding preparations of materials for the defense see "The Defense and Public Reading". The student will follow university graduation processes regarding filing of forms, payment of graduation fees, and uploading of the thesis see the Graduate Education page for details.

On rare occasions see Good Standing , a student may with permission of the MFA director and thesis chair extend the writing of the thesis beyond the fourth semester. If a student exceeds the original time-line given for the thesis, committee members have the right to step down from the committee. MFA degree candidates are required by UW to schedule and hold a defense and a public reading before graduation.

The thesis chair, typically in consultation with other committee members, will determine when a student's body of work and artist's statement are ready to defend and will inform the student when to go forward with the scheduling of the defense.

The defense will consist of an intensive discussion with the full thesis committee of the body of work and artist's statement; if the student is passed by the committee, the student will then give a public reading at a later time. The program strongly encourages students to defend during the regular school year. Summer defenses are not necessarily possible, as faculty members are typically unavailable for thesis work during the summer months and cannot participate.

If a student is not prepared to graduate by the end of the fourth semester, a return for a fall semester defense may be required. Students pursuing the ENR double major may sometimes extend into a fifth semester in order to satisfy requirements in both programs. MFA students in this situation are welcome to defend their thesis in the fourth semester and complete ENR coursework in the fifth semester, if at all possible.

The final version of the thesis is due to thesis committee members no later than three weeks before the defense.

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MFA Thesis The MFA thesis affords a student the chance to assemble a book-length manuscript of poems, stories or essays, or to write a novel. From.

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The below is taken from the SVA Photo, Video and Related Media Department information packet on the MFA thesis process. The second year of the program is heavily focused on the process so I thought I ought share what it’s all about. The thesis project is the main and most significant aspect of.

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Perhaps, making your MFA thesis an actual blog is an asset because it shares your transparency in the process and helps others see your example. I intended for this tutorial do that 🙂 Reply. During thesis committee discussion following an MFA candidate's thesis defense, committee members should consider whether the thesis being defended merits nomination for a university thesis award. Share This Page.

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The MFA Thesis Frequently Asked Questions MFA Program in Creative Writing and Environment Iowa State University Below are answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the planning, process, and completion of. Updated: 08/ All MFA candidates at San Jose State are required to write a thesis in their primary genre, defined in the curriculum as “a book-length manuscript of literary merit and publishable quality.”.