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BROADSHEET Defined for English Language Learners

❶It was announced in June that the Guardian would again change format to tabloid size — the first tabloid edition was published on 15 January The most important newspaper stories are placed "above the horizontal fold.


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In uncommon instances, an entire newspaper can be a two-page half broadsheet or four-page full broadsheet. Totally self-contained advertising circulars inserted in a newspaper in the same format are referred to as broadsheets.

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In the world of print journalism, the two main formats for newspapers are broadsheets and tabloids. Strictly speaking, those terms refer to the size of such papers, but both formats also have colorful histories and associations. The difference between broadsheets and tabloids provides an interesting.

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This may seem like an ironic gift for a man who newspaper publishers once railed against as the destroyer of classified ads, a high-margin pillar in broadsheet and tabloid profits. — glenn fleishman, Fortune, "Craigslist Founder Donates $20 Million To Endow Journalism Program," 11 June The Times: compact paper, broadsheet website Almost everyone I've seen glance at the homepage of, relaunched today, has commented on how like a newspaper it looks. To be more.

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Broadsheet definition, a newspaper printed on large paper, usually a respectable newspaper rather than a tabloid. See more. Define broadsheet. broadsheet synonyms, broadsheet pronunciation, broadsheet translation, English dictionary definition of broadsheet. n. See broadside. n 1. a newspaper having a large format, approximately 15 by 24 inches.