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ordering system thesis documentation

❶Rather than focus on specific technologies, expert authors discuss how best to utilize technology in the service of improving teaching and learning. And in system log, you would know which of the food and drinks that are always being ordered or consumed which in the end can help generate financial statistics or report which later to be submitted to the owner or manager.

thesis documentation for online ordering system

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This system shall aid the proponents to boost self-confidence in getting accurate information to their beneficiary by communicating not just only to employees of the said restaurant but also the general manager itself. Meaning socializing skills are also developed. With the help of time management, they can divide their work and cramming would be avoided. Furthermore, good working relationship would be learned and built to each employee.

Working as a team increases creativity, which leads to augmented ideas and better results. And the proponents will learn to do things independently without the help of other people by using their talent and intellect. Ordering and billing systems is made to improve any restaurants with the use of modern technologies. With the help of Tablet, computer and computer peripherals, it can change the manual system of any restaurant.

This project is designed to give comfort for our beneficiary and help them to increase their sales by impressing their costumers on what technology does they have.

Objectives Goals and objectives are both basically achievements and accomplishments which are dedicated to. To learn how the process of their manual system runs. To avoid the problems encountered in their manual system; 3. To develop a useful system for our beneficiary that will: Promote their business by giving them an advanced system b. Fasten up the time orders which being made c. Give a systematic order and follow up orders in their costumer.

Record any transactions that has been done e. Help them to have accurate financial monitoring f. Generate reports based on the records that they have 4. To implement this system. Scope and Limitations Restaurants have been using a manual ordering and billing system for the past many years.

This section presents the scope and limitations of the project. Scope The main feature of the proposed system is using Android Tablet as a menu. Computer at the counter is used as the server whereas the database is stored. The Android Tablet and the computer at the counter should work together as one. The data that the Tablet is sending should be updated by the computer server, as well as for other Tablet because just like for an instance that you look for an available table, the computer server should identify or figure out if the table being ask is occupied or empty because that information is being transferred by the Tablet to the computer server.

The computer server should save and store all the data that the Android Tablet is transferring, for it does not have the capability to store data. Because Android Tablet is just a data sender while the server computer serves as a storage that can also send data to all Tablets. The computer server is use to monitor all the activities inside the restaurant. It will be able to tell you how long does a customer or a guest stays on a table, as well as the food they ordered and how much the bill they have to pay.

You will be able to see the activities of every waiters and waitresses. It can monitor who among them has the highest sale and does their job well. And in system log, you would know which of the food and drinks that are always being ordered or consumed which in the end can help generate financial statistics or report which later to be submitted to the owner or manager.

The Android Tablet as a data sender can store details of food and drinks. It has a high definition pictures and some animation, which can attract customers and may even give customers good appetite and order or eat more.

It also has lots of filtering features that can help customers choose the food they want. It can also filter the food in which the customer do not want or that they have allergies with. Besides the computer server and Android Tablet, there should also be a computer inside the kitchen that will receive the data from the computer server.

After the Android Tablet sends the data to the computer server, the computer server transfer the data to the computer placed on the kitchen to give them the order to prepare. Limitations Even ordering and billing systems is made to give comfort for the beneficiary, this system cannot give all of our beneficiaries want.

It still has a limitation to provide total comfort for the whole restaurant. Inventory System is not included. Updates and changes of the system cannot be accomplish by anyone unless the developers. The system cannot be connected through the internet for any reasons. The attendance monitoring for the crews or employees is not included.

Even monitoring system exists in the proposed system; CCTV related software is excluded. Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature and Studies This chapter includes foreign literatures and foreign studies taken from the internet, other unpublished thesis, and studies conducted by other research groups. This chapter also includes local literatures, taken from local published books and materials, and local studies, occupied from research works and studies related to the subject matter.

Related foreign and local literature and studies that dealt with theories, principles, concepts, approaches and techniques are reviewed which contributed a lot towards the enrichment of knowledge, deeper understanding and insight of the researchers. It handles vast amount of facts and figures and solves complex problems at incredibility high speeds. A computer can processes many kinds of information, from book titles and customers account numbers to chemical formulas and words from ancient Greek texts.

It handles all such data in the form of numbers. While stressing the positive features available on these sites and novel ways in which they can enable personalized language learning, this study also focuses on some troublesome aspects that occur when learners engage with Web 2.

It discusses how initial motivation towards these tools can turn into frustration, mirroring the results of a previous auto ethnographic study carried out on SNSs. It also illustrates how these global ubiquitous platforms pose a dilemma for language practitioners who work within institutional teaching settings.

It explains how computer interfaces can be redesigned to better support our ability to produce ideas, think, and solve problems successfully in national priority areas such as science and mathematics.

Based on first-hand research experience, the author offers a candid analysis of emerging technologies and their impact, highlighting communication interfaces that stimulate thought. The research results will surprise readers and challenge their assumptions about existing technology and its ability to support our performance.

In spite of a rapid explosion of interest in educational technologies, there remains a poor understanding of what constitutes an effective educational interface for student cognition and learning.

This book provides valuable insights into why recent large-scale evaluations of existing educational technologies have frequently not shown demonstrable improvements in student performance. The research presented here is grounded in cognitive science and experimental psychology, linguistic science and communications, cross-cultural cognition and language, computer science and human interface design, and the learning sciences and educational technology.

Rather than focus on specific technologies, expert authors discuss how best to utilize technology in the service of improving teaching and learning. For more than a decade, researchers and practitioners have been exploring this area of study as the growing popularity of smartphones, tablets, and other such devices, as well as the increasingly sophisticated applications for these devices, has allowed educators to accommodate and support an increasingly mobile society.

This handbook provides the first authoritative account of the theory and research that underlies mobile learning, while also exemplifying models of current and future practice.

The fast track to success. Whether you are looking to grow or start a business, climb the corporate ladder, increase your salary, change your career path, maintain your current position or just get qualified - the 12 Month MBA, while you work, will get you there sooner. Online language learning discussed in this study has its own inherent characteristics.

Typically, this type of learning features the physical separation of learners from one another and from their education providers. Consequently, without the support of sophisticated online educational technologies, the provision of interaction, collaboration, and reflection, the fundamental elements in modern education would be problematic. This chapter discusses the framework developed for the design of online assessment that engenders interaction, collaboration, and reflection, by taking advantage of advanced online educational technologies.

Examples of online assessment design drawn from the assessments implemented in an online Chinese program at Griffith University, Australia, are evaluated to establish the validity of the proposed design framework. These discussions also lead to recommendations for online assessment design for online language learning.

A lot of information awaits us if we keep going to know things better that is why new equipment and techniques are discovered in order to ease that task of man. She recommends the teachers should make their lesson more responsible to the ability and interest of the students in order to sustain their interest and to make learning more powerful. Likewise the department should continuously update instructional materials. The main objectives of the design are practicality, efficiency, cost, flexibility, and security.

This chapter discusses the research method used, software development methodology, different requirement analysis tools, and systems requirements of the software product. Research Approach The methods on the proponents used to achieve resolute, precise and systematic search for new information about the software project is the descriptive research method. It involves the recording, description, analysis and the presentation of the present system, composition or processes of phenomena.

Descriptive research refers to the type of research question, design, and data analysis that will be applied to a given topic. The researchers help to accomplish their study by the use of this method. Detailed descriptions of specific situation s using interviews, observations, and document review.

The researchers collected information through interviews, questionnaires and surveys to respondents and by the use of documents and theses which are associated to their study. This method helped the researchers in defining specific problems encountered in the existing software.

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thesis documentation for ordering system

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THESIS DOCUMENTATION SYSTEM ANALYSIS, DESGN AND PROTOTYPING 1. ORDER AND SALES SYSTEM Of Buns ‘n Pizza – Pureza Branch Team Leader Randy Waniwan Members Audie R. V. Jacido Roewinsor S. Bantugan Anthony Marco INTRODUCTION Company Background Ordering system throughout the world has relied on pens and papers/5(37).

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Ordering System Thesis Documentation ordering system thesis documentation Get the Best Deal on Documentation Management Systems.

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Thesis Documentation For Online Ordering System thesis documentation for online ordering system The purpose of this project is to develop an Online Fast Food Restaurant Ordering System. How reliable is online ordering system for El Grande Fashion House? 2. How precise is the system in terms of storing information from the users? 3. How accurate is the online ordering system in terms of information being provided? 4. How effective is online marketing for El Grande Fashion House? 5.

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The system shall prompt customer to confirm the meal order. The system shall provide visual confirmation of the order placement The system shall enable the manager to view, create, edit and delete food category and descriptions The system shall allow confirmation of pending orders. Masters thesis. le thesis documentation for inventory system. Documentation For Ordering System. masters proposal crm systems – Research. reason behind the thesis. seller can engage in a pc system to be able to develop a listing management. masters thesis about inventory system.