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How to Make a Tree Trunk With Brown Packing Paper

By Jenn Danza

❶Slightly pinch the folded end closed without crimping it.

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Building the Trunk
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I used brown, gold and a texturing additive. These strips help it adhere to the wall, bulletin board and tent tree top. I scrunched as I added tape to the bottom edges not the base… that came last and adhered it to the wall and bottom of our bulletin board. It was really sturdy and this part went fast!

And at the top, I added one last piece of tape. I began to curve the trunk as I made my working from the bottom up. That bonded really well! I finished by tucking the top up under the leaves and the leaves and the paper mache coconuts fell beautifully down on top to hide any seams.

I love my tree! The last item was to trim the excess at the bottom and to seal the seam with duct tape. That way picky fingers who are down there reading will be less likely to find any places to pick.

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Your inspiration is egging me on to have an exciting and productive year — 3 weeks until we start in the UK! So great to hear from you. Use your fingers to squeeze off any excess paste. Lay the strip onto the chicken wire frame and wrap it so that it lays as flat as possible. Cover the tree in strips of paper mache by working your way from the bottom to the top.

Repeat three additional times so that there are four layers of paper mache on your tree. Allow the paper mache to completely dry; usually overnight. Paint the tree using spray paint or another water-based paint. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Cut a length of floral wire 2. Slightly pinch the folded end closed without crimping it. Slide an uninflated balloon onto the folded end of the floral wire. Shape the wire inside of the balloon into a leaf shape. Wrap the open tip of the balloon onto the exposed tail of floral wire with green floral tape.

This should secure the balloon to the wire and form a stem. Trim the stem to an acceptable length. Glue the leaf to the tree by using a small bead of hot glue and pressing it onto the tree. Hold firmly in place until the glue has dried, usually a few minutes.

Baking flour makes excellent mache paste. Mix 3 cups of flour into 9 cups of water. Mix until it forms a creamy paste free from any lumps.

How to Make Paper Mache Animals.


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We look at the basics of making a paper-mâché tree, how to add foliage, and tricks and tips on making your tree and surrounding ground look realistic. Now you need to build up the tree trunk, using your paper and glue, build up layers around the balloon - you will need at least 3 layers of paper. Once you are satisfied with the look of it.

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How to Sculpt a Tree Trunk Out of Chickenwire & Paper Mache Using Balloons As Leaves; Cut strips of chicken wire with the wire cutters to form the shape of a tree trunk. The amount of chicken wire you will use will depend on the size of tree you are making. Start by making the base or stump of the tree and build up to the desired height.

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If you need to make a tree trunk to use as a prop or decoration, you can make your own at home using brown packing paper. Brown packing paper is an ideal material for constructing tree trunks for a stage design, or props for a haunted house. How to Make a Fake Tree Trunk. Real trees are wonderful, but it is not always possible to put them exactly where you want them. You can plant one, of course, bu Halloween Props - Make paper mache trees make tree trunk with chicken wire make tree trunk with chicken wire | How To Make A Paper Mache Tree.

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Mar 18,  · This tree stands in my girls' room. It's made of wire and paper mache, and then painted. I did glue some brown tissue paper on to 'undercoat' the trunk brown so I wouldn't have to paint it as much, and it also doubled up as good bark Jules Madden. To get some ideas just google "tree trunk color" and click on images. You could also add vines, moss or mushrooms to your tree. Go crazy and have fun!! Materials Needed: Empty can wax paper I am making a large paper mache tree for a friend's bridal shower, and I was looking EVERYWHERE for a good tutorial on how to make realistic .