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❶I did not have the slightest idea of who he was.

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I only had the shred of a memory related to my best friend. He was the only one who was there for me my whole life. It was an image stuck in my mind along with the melody from a music box. Among the black holes of my amnesia, I caught a glimpse of his honey-colored eyes and his dark mahogany hair. I remembered his friendly smile… but nothing else. All the rest disappeared in the dark, so did he. The memories went back to the orphanage where I was born.

Some awesome parents, Maddalena and Steven, who adopted me and gave me a feeling which I had forgotten, the warm feeling of having a family. They raised me in their house until I turned fifteen.

My amnesia led me to examinations and psychological check-ups, which year after year were slowly starting to fail. This fact left me distraught, On one hand, I wanted to know what happened, but on the other… an odd feeling of anxiety suggested I shouldn't wish for it.

Obviously, there were some unpleasant consequence to my trauma. It was some sort of paranoia, as if I was being persecuted by something.

The specialists told my parents it must have been linked to a particular memory, which was continuously blocked from my mind. I felt like I was being observed, not by people, but by the stuffed toys in my room. It was stupid, I know. At the beginning, they were simply toys, but time and time again, their big round eyes seemed to stare at me. Since I was little I thought the stuffed toys in my room were alive and sometimes I tried to prove it: I spied on my room from the hall with the door ajar, I then turn away and suddenly turn back and never took my eyes off them, not until I felt a burning sensation from not blinking my eyes.

Time after time, the stuffed toys were the ones staring at me. The thought stuck in my mind at times, it seemed to me that they moved their heads turning their little faces towards me. At other times, they made noises in my room. Why did this thought persecute me? Why did I hate those stuffed toys? I could have presented them to other children, or thrown them in the rubbish.

One day I tried, really, I did, but when I took one of them in my arms, a strong sense of anxiety and terror stopped me. I always ended up putting them back in their places, on the furniture, my bed, and the shelves. This caused me to have to take tranquillizers. I found him in my wardrobe at the orphanage and from there on out we became in separable.

It was a sweet bunny with ears as long as him, on one side it was red and the other side was a caramel color. He wore a black waistcoat, with two long sleeves that draped down to the point of his feet and dashed an elegant collar that dawned pointed tips at every edge of the fabric, a black button donned the center and wore a stylish frilly eyepatch over his little left beaded eye.

It was funny, but he looked like the only stuffed toy that was harmless. Ever since I was little when I would slip under the sheets and fall asleep almost instantly among the creaking old walls he's slept by my side just like that night.

Something slimy grabbed my wrist and held me so tightly that instant pain shot right through me. A set of white nails slowly penetrated my flesh. I watch them cutting through my skin, making me bleed.

I screamed and cried, but a laugh bellowed out, covering my desperate pleas. Within that dark abyss, two green sparkling eyes appeared before me, they were a few inches away from my face. He laughed amused by my pain while he pierced the flesh under my nails with needles. He ruined my body with rusty tools I noticed an open door, the only thing I could distinguish from the darkness. My eyes blurred by the pain. I saw a glimpse of people standing still gazing down at me.

The image of that door got closer, in order to show me their vacant expression, despite the grimaces plastered on their faces.

I saw that they were not real people. They were dolls and in some way, I felt a strong sense of nausea overcome me just by staring at them. There was something about them, that made my stomach, maybe it was their extraordinary and macabre resemblance to real people. With that, I woke up, my eyes wide-open my heart beating so hard I could feel it pounding in my head. I rubbed my eyes, and realized that I was sweating. The bunny fell, landing upside down.

I leaned down for him and put him back on the bed. My breathing returned to normal, but the image of those needles, dirty with blood and those terrifying dolls remained embedded in my mind. I never had such a nightmare like that before. The feelings were so terribly real.

I still felt those claws making a hole in my flesh, but I was relieved that I woke up. The door squeaked; it was my mother coming in the room.

As soon as she saw my exhausted face, the smile on her face faded away. With that, I got out from bed. While my mother closed the door, I ran over to my wardrobe and took out an ordinary dress. In the space of a few minutes, I came out of my room neat and ready. In my haste, I was out of breath. These are totally cool! I had no idea these were out there anywhere! I think I would have fun playing with them! Ive seen letters before but not numbers.

Her nursery wallpaper on one wall is numbers. We appreciate you taking the time to party with us. I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm..

Just got thisin my Pinterest feed. What I want to know, is how to easily convert these to svg files so I can cut them out using my Cricut Explore. I am sorry, but I am not quite sure how to convert them to SVG and keep them so they are printable. There might be a tutorial video on YouTube that you could watch. Your email address will not be published. Through the events of Mirror of Fate , the Toy Maker returns somehow, but was a largely unseen presence.

He then used its remains to rebuild it, using the demon to gather souls for his experiments. During Alucard 's journey, he passes through the Toy Maker's workshop and assembly line, and stops the deadly carousel that threatened to kill Simon Belmont.

He mentioned that after Dracula 's apparent defeat at the hands of Simon Belmont and Alucard, he scavenged the area and found a fragment of the Mirror of Fate. He then went back to rest. The Toy Maker, who initially suffers from partial amnesia due to the centuries of lethargy, does not initially recognize Dracula, but nonetheless show kindness to the man and is more than willing to give him the fragment of the Mirror Of Fate he had claimed in the previous game.

However, just as the Toy Maker hands the fragment to Dracula, the corrupted blood of the castle spawns beneath the old man's feet and pulls the terrified man under, possessing him. Bound by strings of blood mimicking that of an actual puppet , he takes up control of the mechanical Puppet Master and launches a full assault on the Prince Of Darkness using a knight and a dragon puppet as means to subdue him.

After having dispatched and utterly destroyed the puppets, Dracula confronts the Toy Maker inside the Puppet Master's head, and successfully manages to ground the giant puppet and destroy the mask-like cover that hid and shielded the twisted master of the titanic mechanical device. Not willing to give up, the Toy Maker makes the arms of the Puppet Master act as legs to make it walk and attacks Dracula once again, exclaiming: Dracula, currently without any powers that would allow him to scale the mechanical menace, resorts to utilizing his various projectiles to shoot at the Toy Maker from afar, causing the possessed man to lose control of the Puppet Master and fall to the ground.

After repeating this process a few more times, he finally defeats the Toy Maker and proceeds to throw him out of the now heavily damaged Puppet Master and on to the ground a few feet away. The Toy Maker weeps after regaining control from the cursed blood. Upon his defeat, Dracula summoned the Void Sword and prepared to strike the mad puppeteer down. However, before he could do this, the Toy Maker suddenly began to regurgitate the castle 's corrupted blood and reverted back to his normal self.

Dracula decided to spare the man and pulled back as the Toy Maker recovered from his possession.

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My odd, little world of paper toys, holiday cards, valentines, sun boxes, baskets and bags, origami and ephemera all for you to make. My goal is to help grownups and kids spend time together making things. It is my wish to amuse and delight.

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The Toymaker: Paper Toys That You Can Make Yourself contains the following toys, a Sun Box, Spinners, Marble Mice, Tooth Fairy Gazebo, The Happy Bus, A Bug Box, A Bear Wagon, Florimel the Magnificent, A Butterfly Basket, A Window to Fairyland, A Penny Aeroplane, The Toy Shop, A Dream Theater, two Penny Butterflies and a Cootie Catcher with instructions/5(17).

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The Toymaker's Workshop: Paper Toys You Can Make Yourself [Marilyn Scott-Waters] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Welcome to the toymaker's workshop, where magical things are made! This fantastic follow up to Toymaker's Christmas offers 11 new three-dimensional paper toys with movable parts. Just pop out/5(16). Jason the Toymaker. Edit. History Comments (6) Share. Jason the Toymaker by Kristantyl. It was as if I fell asleep in that exact moment, I battered my eyelids in front of the sheet of paper and felt rather confused about seeing a drawing repeated several times on the same character. “I don’t know”.

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Easy DIY craft tutorial ideas for free printable paper toys. Paper toys are fun to make and fun to play with. Great for kids and adults. TV series ToyMakerz motorsports best car tv shows on Velocity unique custom builds hot rods, classic cars, muscle cars, trucks to motorcycles must see tv.