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Literature Review Purchase Intention

literature review purchase intention

❶Kotler pointed out that the consumer buying process is the sum total of alternative, purchase decision, and purchase evaluation.

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literature review of purchase intention

In the process of electronic word-of-mouth communication, the higher of consumer trust tendency, the closer relationship between consumer and website, the higher credibility of the site itself, the greater influence of electronic word-of-mouth on consumer purchase decision. This paper makes a literature review of the definition of electronic word- of-mouth, and describes the influence of electronic word-of-mouth on consumer purchase intention from the three independent variables of sender characteristics, information characteristics and receiver characteristics of electronic word- of-mouth, trust as the intermediary variable, involvement as the moderator variable which provide some reference value for enterprises to carry out word-of- mouth marketing activities.

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ABSTRACT With the rapid development of Internet technology, more and more consumers rely on the Internet for the products and services of information searching and sharing; Electronic word-of-mouth information has gradually become an important factor of affecting consumer purchase intention.

The three aspects of sender characteristics, information characteristics and receiver characteristics of electronic word-of-mouth are regarded as the independent variables, trust as the intermediary variable, involvement as the moderator variable, the article carries on the literature carding of the influence electronic word-of-mouth on consumer purchase intentions, which will provide a reference for scholars both at home and abroad to study the theory of electronic word-of-mouth.

Introduction Arndt believes that word-of-mouth refers to the informal information communication between a communicator and receiver about a product, brand, organization, or service, which is face-to-face and with no commercial purpose [1]. The Conception of Electronic Word-of-Mouth The widespread use of the internet globally has started spreading of electronic word of mouth [2].

The Influence of Electronic Word-of-Mouth on Consumer Purchase Intention According to Godes research, electronic word-of-mouth has an obvious influence on consumer offline decision making that becomes an agent for offline communication [6]. The Characteristics of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Sender Expertise refers to the qualifications and ability of an information communicator for providing the accurate information or to discussing the specific topics Hovland, Janis, Kelley [11].

The Characteristics of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Information The more quantity of electronic word-of-mouth, the more likely consumers are to know the information. The Characteristics of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Receiver Tie strength refers to the degree to which the perceive relationship between the receiver and the sender. Mediator Variable of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Influence on Consumer Purchase Intention Smith introduces the mediator variable of trust in the influence of electronic word-of-mouth on consumer purchase decision, so as to study the relationship between them [24].

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A review of literature on consumers' online purchase intentions Therefore, it can be stated that in the case of Bangladeshi consumers, ethnocentrism does carry a negative effect on the quality of foreign product.

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purchase intention literature review. At the same time, electronic purchase has the features of rapid dissemination and precise positioning, which makes intention electronic word-of-mouth spread and amplified continuously in the process of communication purchase re-dissemination, and which is known to more audiences.

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Request PDF on ResearchGate | A review of literature on consumers' online purchase intentions | Nowadays, the rapid development of the Internet and its effect on daily life has introduced a new. The study intention that the purchase intention of consumers was directly affected by the individual differences of the recommender, and trust played review mediating role literature the influence of the characteristics of the recommender and consumer review on consumer decision-making.

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A Study of Factors Affecting on Customers Purchase Intention Case Study: the Agencies of Bono Brand Tile in Tehran Dr. Vahidreza Mirabi Associate professor Department of Management Literature review and hypotheses Purchase intention is a kind of decision-making that. Consumers Perception, Purchase Intention and Actual Purchase Behavior of Organic Food Products. consumers’ purchase intention of organic food products vary according to their demographic variables? 2. Literature Review. Organic Food Products Consumption Trend and the Need to Examine – Consumers’ Perception, Behavioral Intention.