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❶Problem oriented case study focuses to figure out the problem and suggest some accurate solutions, providing the details for the execution of the proposed solutions.

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Pitfalls of Case Studies and Mitigating factors
What is case study?
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As soon as you receive a complete paper, look for any errors in citations or formatting style. For instance, it is normative considerations which allow them to identify important topics than others. The Normative case study also other important implications. It asks one to reconsider their mechanical possibilities, the relationship of social science with ethics and the implications of the philosophy of science. The case studies are an effective method to enable students and faculty to understand the complexities and structures of organizations and leadership styles.

Business cases are considered to be the most effective method to share a variety of experiences. It is a useful way to involve students actively in analyses and decision making. These cases act as a substitute for on the job experience.

They provide one with the exposure to variety of industries and organizations. It also one to assume a managerial role and act as a test to apply the tools and techniques of human resource management and training. The group discussion over a case study helps one to understand the viewpoint of others regarding the issue. Cases also allow students to apply classroom learnings to real situations.

It can also allow students to develop skills to analyze the more complex problems one may encounter in future. It also enables one to understand the strategies to sort issues and organize them to understand the problem. It also allows students to understand that in real-life scenarios, the data is often ambiguous and not clearly defined. Students may face difficulties using case analyses. They may be uncomfortable with open-ended assignments.

There are students who consider education as a collection of well-explained facts that have same outcomes and assignments which always have single solution. The complex case study can frustrate students and demotivate them. The disadvantage of complex case studies is that the aim of the case study method will not be achieved as the thinking skills of the students are not developed.

Team work is crucial if the assignment given is a team assignment. Students should know the dynamics of the team work to solve the case effectively. It is useful to prioritize cases by their level of difficulty. Early cases used should be easy and interesting that can generate a good level of student interest and enthusiasm.

The use of quantitative data is kept to a minimum. In the final stage, the cases are generally complicated and difficult to analyze.

They usually comprises a lot of quantitative analyses. There is no right and wrong solution to any case. A real life situation is affected by extensive number of variables which are beyond the control of any person. Therefore, students not rely on the actions of the company in consideration. Case Studies are considered to be a marketing staple. Business utilize them to show the success of their products.

It also allows businesses to show the ways their product can be used. The case studies should focus on customer. Businesses should not talk about themselves, especially on their websites.

Case studies can also be used to demonstrate that the success of their products. They prove that businesses are able to achieve their targets based on real stories and real results. These case studies increase the credibility of the company. Case studies are usually cheap method of conveying the objectives of the business. It only takes time to develop a good case study based on real stories. Businesses should invest in these case studies.

The preparation of a case study requires special methods to research and collect data for the purpose. These ways should be clearly understood to develop an effective case-study. There are two research methodologies to develop case studies. Majority of the case-studies utilize at least two sources of data. Multiple sources, websites and multiple researchers can be used to develop case studies. Many investigators may be involved in the collection of interview, observation, administrative documents and structured surveys.

These cases can be studied over a longer period of time. Another approach is to start writing at a single point in time and update them in future through follow up case studies.

Holistic cases are the one which have only single source of information while embedded cases are those which have multiple sources of information. These terminologies are given by Yin in The focus of the case study may be on a single case or a number of cases. The basis of research on typical, critical or deviant cases may be a single case. On the other hand, multiple cases may be useful in comparing or contrast different cases.

Multiple-subject case studies are beneficial if the areas considered are too complex. The case study approach also has limitations. Sometimes, case studies lack scientific rigour and provide little basis for generalizations. However, there are many actions which can be taken to mitigate these factors. Researchers should have extensive knowledge of theoretical and empirical literature.

The focus of research should be on the research questions while allowing different areas to be explored in detail. The problem of lack of rigour can be solved through triangulation, respondent validation, the use of theoretical sampling, and transparency throughout the research process. Researchers should also bear in mind that unexpected issues can emerge and needed to be resolved.

The findings of case studies cannot be generalized to the wider population until the theories have been tested in controlled conditions. Another problem is that the research may lack objectivity making the research non-scientific.

Case Studies are generally very complex and developed by multiple sources of data. It produces large amount of data for analysis. Researchers from different fields use case study method to challenge other investigations, to produce and challenge theory and have a basis to apply solutions to problems.

Case Studies are usually applicable to real life, human situations and anyone can access them through written reports.

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