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It should be able to display in bit colour at x , as this is what I am designing the database for, and will allow them to read the text more easily. It is also the best backup solution. I was able to analyse the current system at the office of George Youngs Coaches to see what hardware they have, and what software they are running and compare it with my recommended I found out they had the following system;.

They did meet my recommended criteria in all areas apart from one, the screen resolution. They thought it looked too small at first and it took them a while to come around to the idea. This is shown below;. One thing they were lacking is a CD- rewriter. It would be wise to add a CD-rewriter to the system, to backup the solution on a regular basis.

After speaking to the proprietor of George Youngs Coaches and reviewing their machine specifications, I was able to draw up a list of constraints, both human and physical.

To start with, there are very few Human constraints. No one has any serious problems, there are no visual impairments and no one has arthritis or anything of that nature.

However the computers are new and are used very little and they have no previous knowledge of computers. The only thing the computers are used for is to calculate routes on the route calculating software. This requires very little knowledge, as everything is self explanatory and done with the mouse. This means that they are not very fast typists and, by their own admittance, are not very computer literate.

Therefore the solution will have to be very minimal on typing and as simple to understand and use as possible. User documentation was requested and will be provided. Physical constraints were, again very minimalist. A CD Re-writer was not present on George Youngs Coaches machine; one of the partners has one on his home computer how ever. This could be a problem, as the files will get to big for a standard floppy disk, and they will need a way of backing up the files and, should they need a copy elsewhere, transporting them to other computers.

One option would be to take it into a local computer shop and have them install it. I can also assist them in doing so, as I installed one myself on my home computer without any problems. To input data into the database, a conventional keyboard will be fine.

This will enable them to use the database to full effect. A scanner and OCR package would be an option, if they wanted to transfer all their current documents to the computer, but they specifically said they did not want to do this, as it would be too time consuming to transfer all the old data into the new database.

A mouse is the standard pointing device and this will be fine for use with the database, as nothing more than clicking in the appropriate place will be required.. To process the data, a database package will be used. The data will be stored in the database and can be modified by the user or by using a series of visual basic scripts, relationships and basic formulas to process the data, into a way in which it can be output into one of the methods below.

There are many ways in which data within the database can be output. The main one will be the ability to save to a file for later use. Tables can be exported separately and can be bought back for use in the future should anything happen to the main tables in the database. A structured file system with filenames representing the content will be mandatory as this will speed up locating the file they are looking file.

Another important output method is the ability to print out data, queries and reports. This should be done automatically when a button is clicked and the user should not have to worry about margins and what the print out will look like. I will design the way the printout is displayed, although George Youngs Coaches will obviously check that it is suitable and it will be displayed on their headed paper.

Another output format will be the ability to transfer the database to external hardware, be it a blank CD or a webserver for transportation or backup purposes. The latter could also be used to display the entire database, or certain reports or tables as a web page, when it has been exported from access in HTML format. Using a button it would also be possible to e-mail the file from within access, either sending individual tables, or the whole database as an attachment.

This would mean that it could be sent from user to user. However this could be a problem if they are using a free e-mail provider such as Yahoo! The information flows through the current system in a similar way to the new solution will. This is illustrated below in 2 diagrams. For the final solution I have decided to use Microsoft Access as this provides me with a large range of options that I can use and as it is designed specifically for complex databases and that is required for the final solution.

There are alternatives available. The Database section of Microsoft Works for Windows could have been used instead of Access or, straying from Microsoft products, another Office suite could have been used assuming it has a database program.

The only way to determine which was most appropriate was to compare all the Software available, trying out different features of it and rejecting software which would not meet the quota.

This was the initial first choice of software although I thought it would be appropriate to test all the options available.

Although I will need to use some of the features, some will be useful and some will not. The standard features I need and must be available are tables that can draw information from one another automatically, the ability to input data easily into the tables and then recall it, in a printer friendly layout so that data can be taken or distributed where necessary. Microsoft Access incorporates all of these features with a wealth of options available for each one. It covers everything in plenty of depth and can create user-friendly interfaces with images and options similar to what can be commonly found on a webpage, and so users will be more familiar with what they are doing.

Microsoft Access may seem daunting to anyone that may not have come across it before as he or she will not know where to start, so if Access is to be used then a large documentation will be required so as the user is not lost. Each program is not as accomplished as the respective equivalent from the Microsoft Office suite, and does not offer as many options. It is as easy to get hold of as Microsoft Office and retails at about a quarter of the price.

However it is not as suitable for the solution. It is a flat file database which means that there can be no relationships between tables and they will not be able to draw information from one another.

It does offer basic querying functions, which would be enough to search through for people but it will not put them in a report format similar to that of Microsoft Access. It offers limited Macros, which can be a problem for automated tasks.

The program maybe a bit too basic for what I am trying to accomplish for the solution. Although it is primarily a spreadsheet package, it could be considered to be used for the final solution. It has a wealth of options available, although none of them are there so as the program can incorporate databases, for example there are no query or report options.

However lookup tables could be used and if each sheet was a different table, data could be taken from one sheet and used in another. Thus, our writing services are definitely worth your trust and the impeccable reputation they have.

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Database Assignment Help UK: Get Database Assignment Writing Help from dedicated expert writers & score A+ grade. We offer quality services online to student Some latest topics on database management that would be beneficial while dealing with a database coursework: Concepts of database management systems;.

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Mar 23,  · Best Answer: A database is a structured collection of records or data that is stored in a computer system. The structure is achieved by organizing the data according to a database model. The model in most common use today is the relational model. Other models such as the hierarchical model and the network Status: Resolved.

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Specialized in sql coursework help from professional database programmers. Work with you on any sql assignment like oracle coursework help one to one until you get fully satisfied. Updates and patches to the database management system should be routinely done to help enhance the security of the database. The database administrator should be updated on the current trends of security so that he/she can mend the database where such vulnerabilities occur. “Database Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays.