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A Dysfunctional Family Essay

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❶How to cite this page Choose cite format: Tom finally flipped at Amanda one day and told her how he felt about her and the warehouse.

Explore the typical causes of intra-family tensions

First, define what

When examining specific family cases, you should try to understand the feelings of each individual, as the ultimate cause of family dysfunction is usually a combination of many problems facing various members of the family. As with any research paper, determining topics is very important, you should create a strong introduction to the issue that entices the reader to dive deeper into the paper to seek more information about the topic.

You should then cover some key points, which in this case may be causes for individual issues, signs to look for that point to family issues, or how to resolve these issues. It is also important to have a real desire to fix the issue before it begins to effect the whole family, as this is what leads to a breakdown between family members. It is common for a family to attempt to quell problems with medication or some other method of avoidance, which can be very dangerous.

Deep psychological discomfort that can lead to family dysfunction should be tended to immediately, and should be treated with discussion and possibly talk therapy.

When considering therapy it is important to find a therapist who will not attempt to simplify the problem through simply diagnosing some mental disorder and prescribing medication, as this can create it's own host of problems. Another useful tool in helping older members of the family to cope with problems is group therapy, this can be particularly effective for teenagers as it gives them a chance to experiment with interacting with people differently.

Sometimes problems cannot be solved through therapy or simple discussion, but must be instead treated with time apart, or in some cases, such as sever marital issues, permanent separation. While these solutions may seem extreme, sometimes it is the only way to avoid a hostile living environment.

Writing an essay about family dynamics offers the chance to understand the human mind more, which is a valuable opportunity! By doing this Amanda made her daughter Laura feel bad. Tom on the other hand took care of his family. When Amanda gets in the way or tries to make things even more difficult for Tom he decides to go out to the movies or rather drinking.

Tom finally flipped at Amanda one day and told her how he felt about her and the warehouse. You think I want to spend fifty-five years down there in that — celotex interior! With — fluorescent — tubes! She is a very shy girl who does not take a well to meeting new people. Her mother had went to the business college to see how Laura was doing and to her surprise the teacher had told Amanda, Laura was not attending anymore.

In conclusion, the Wingfield family is very dysfunctional in many ways. Each person in that family makes it that way too. Amanda still living in the past, Tom always going to the movies, and Laura being crippled and shy. Everyone has their problems and the Wingfields are just more open about it. The core of The Glass Menagerie rests on the dysfunctional relationship of the Wingfield family and the distinctive quirks that plague them.

The matriarch, Amanda, is unable to move past the days of old with her memories of southern hospitality and idyllic youth. Tom is the more social son who also serves as narrator of the play. He prefers to use cruelty and indifference to separate himself from the needy women in his life while using nighttime outings as a physical escape from the doldrums of life. Tom and Amanda, the two more domineering personalities, each have a unique way of reacting to their view of reality, and the subsequent effect of entrapment, and each attitude takes its owner in a different direction.

Tom is the seemingly normal member of the highly dysfunctional Wingfield clan. The second type is controlling parents. As opposed to the first scenario, the parents dominate their children and forbid them to make decisions on their own. The parents are afraid to let go for fear of being unwanted. Children are afraid to act independently for fear of upsetting their parents Benton, Discussions about alcohol use or family problems are restricted.

Parents and children are in denial and fail to seek help. We could handle that. Dad drove fast and sang really loud, locks of his hair fell into his face and life was little bit scary but still a lot of fun. The last are abusive parents. Abuse can be verbal, physical, or sexual. Verbal abuse takes the form of damaging criticisms. Physical abuse involves violence. Sexual abuse includes physical contact between an adult and child where that contact must be kept secret Benton, Hartwell-Walker stated that even if children realize these damaging situations, they do not have the capability to escape.

They are trapped to deal with their families.

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Dysfunctional Family essays What is a dysfunctional family? According to Webster Dictionary dysfuntional means "abnormal" (Webster.

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Dysfunctional family refers to a family pattern generally associated with lower levels of health, well-being, happiness, and positive outcomes, compared wi READ MORE HERE. Dysfunctional Families Essay. This guide explains how to write an essay on dysfunctional families. It explores the issue of "abnormal" families and presents several strategies to approach the topic. First, define what "dysfunctional family" means. When examining the "dysfunctional" family, it can be difficult to determine what problems .

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Read this essay on Dysfunctional Family. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". More Essay Examples on Family Rubric. Majority of the ills we face in our society today are traced back to a dysfunctional family - Dysfunctional Family introduction. The term had become a cliché, an excuse people give for their imperfections.