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Ancient Greek / The Greek Civilization term paper 9493

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❶Eros is defined as the representation of the Greek god of love, Cupid, intimate and physical love, or sexual desire Dictionary Website, They moved into the city, but were not born there.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Eros is defined as the representation of the Greek god of love, Cupid, intimate and physical love, or sexual desire Dictionary Website, Eros had been the one of the most popular themes used in literature and arts, particularly the works from the Renaissance period and the Era of Romanticism.

So often was it used as a strong bond between two beings, whether it be a heterosexual or homosexual. It captivated the interests of not only poets but also philosophers from different time periods.

Two of the most distinguished icons of Greek civilization had incorporated Eros in their works; Plato in his Symposium and Sappho with her poetry. Both interpretations for Eros clashed with each other. It was quite understandable seeing that both famous figures practiced different arts; Plato with Socratic philosophies while Sappho had her mythological-influenced poetry.

Each may have an opposing definition of Eros; however, one could not deny that their Eros also carried risks. This essay would like to discuss what the risks behind varying definitions of Eros are and what the precautions in overcoming the problem are. Plato wrote on his Symposium the past events circling his predecessor, Socrates, and his debates with his followers before his execution.

Eros, according to both Plato and Socrates, is a common desire that sought beauty through ideas. Love and wisdom should be treated in the same manner as the hunger for beauty and philosophical curiosity is endless. Eros is above physical intimacy. It was an uncultured and illiterate civilization that was always fighting. The priests did not exercise a huge amount of power. The next thing that happened to Greece was the Dark Ages. This is when the Minoans disappeared and the Mycenaean s entered a period of deep decline.

No one could write and all achievements are wiped out. Very little is known of this time in history. Then the Renaissance came about which recovered the ability to write. It was a very artistic period. At this time the Classical Greek Ages began and it set standards and styles. Classical Greece was independent and self-governed by a direct democracy. This works because the population is low.

The citizenship is a restricted privilege to the wealthy. Male homosexuality is socially accepted at this time. There were people that were excluded in the society. This included four different groups. The first was poor people who had to afford military equipment to help defense of the city-state to be a citizen.

The women were only seen as property and housewives. They were always under the authority of men. Foreigners were not considered citizens. They moved into the city, but were not born there. Then there were the slaves. This society was based on slavery.

The Greeks enslaved other Greeks. They based their capturing on one s debt not race. Archaic Greece consisted of Sparta and Athens. Sparta was very heavily militarized, but did not invade their neighbors. They made people slaves called Hellots. Young boys were taken from their homes to start military training. Women also went through military training.

They had an intense feeling for equality, so therefore abolished money. Sparta had two kings who balanced each other out and had no individual power.

Reference to politics is also significant. The pace of the changes in the leadership of the civilization was first. The Greek civilization thrived because it had abundant resources. The resources were used to boost the economy. Specifically, the civilization was able to trade with neighbors. However, the Greek civilization declined due to political concerns.

The civilization's leadership was frequently challenged. This aspect destabilized the civilization leading to its downfall.

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The first two Greek civilizations were the Minoan civilization and the Mycenaean civilization. The Minoan civilization was the Island of Crete. This civilization was a very peaceful one surrounded by water.

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Essay on Gods: Greek Mythology and Common Civilization Ancestor. Essay Compare and contrast Greek and Hindu Gods Vedic and Hellenic are two ancient religions and have a definite connection between the deities. I believe there`s a possibility of a common civilization ancestor between the two cultures.

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Eros is defined as the representation of the Greek god of love, Cupid, intimate and physical love, or sexual desire (Dictionary Website, ). The Greek Civilization Essay Between and B.C., the invading Hellenes married with peoples at the tip of the Balkan Peninsula, and began the Greek Civilization. Unity was difficult because of the mountainous terrain.

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The free Ancient Greek research paper (The Greek Civilization essay) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. If you need fresh and competent research / writing on Ancient Greek, use the professional writing service offered by our company. It emerges that the Greek civilization was characterized by high levels of military engagement. The military preparedness was a critical weapon that the civilization used .