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18 Fun Games to Play at Home

Car Trip Bingo

❶When you want to play games at home, you want something with quick and easy directions and set up. I played all the games with my friends and they also enjoyed it.

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8 fun pencil and paper games for kids (+ printables!)
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This paper game is both fun to make and to watch. Get directions on how to make a colorful Penny Spinner on this page. This paper game is so sophisticated that your friends will think you bought it in a store! Find out how to make Pom-Pom Basketball. The Basketball Bead Toss is a great test of hand-eye coordination. Learn how to play this paper game on the next page. Craft Stick Puzzles are some of the fun paper games you can learn to make.

Paper Crafts Kids Crafts. A fortune teller also called a cootie catcher , [1] [2] chatterbox , [3] salt cellar , [4] [5] whirlybird , [3] or paku-paku [6] is a form of origami used in children's games. Parts of the fortune teller are labelled with colors or numbers that serve as options for a player to choose from, and on the inside are eight flaps, each concealing a message.

The person operating the fortune teller manipulates the device based on the choices made by the player, and finally one of the hidden messages is revealed.

These messages may purport to answer questions hence the name or they may be activities that the player must perform. The same shape may also be used as pincers or as a salt cellar.

A paper fortune teller may be constructed by the steps shown in the illustration below: To use the fortune teller, the player telling the fortunes holds the four corners of the paper with index fingers and thumbs on both hands, keeping two pairs of corners together and the other two pairs separated so that only half of the internal sides of the corners are visible. Manipulations are done by various similar methods, for example: The player asks a question of the person holding the fortune teller; this question will be answered by the device.

Free File Folder Games — Check out these free, printable file folder games for preschool thru 2nd grade. These educational games are great for homeschooling, waiting rooms, long trips, rainy days and in the classroom. There is also a darling Slumber Party version also on Tip Junkie to add to your wardrobe collection. Cute printable labels and stickers for your own Summer lemonade stand by The Shy Socialites. Available in original yellow or pink lemonade. Use cereal, dinner or lunch food, as well as any kind of candy to play.

Printable Car Games — Print these free printable games on cardstock and laminate and keep in the glove box. That way, whether you are on a long road trip or just running errands around town, you will have something on hand to keep the kids from getting bored in the car. Summer Reading Kit for Kids — A kit by Creative Mamma filled with goodies to help your kids fall in love with reading!

There are two cute printable options, one for girls and one for boys. They can also work overtime in a frame on your nursery wall.

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8 fun pencil and paper games for kids (+ printables!) Fun, simple pencil and paper games will keep kids occupied at the restaurant, doctor's office, in the car, on rainy days and more.

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These games are easy to prepare and inexpensive, providing hours of fun for kids and grown-ups alike. On the following pages, you'll learn a number of innovative paper games that will hold anyone's attention.

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or even a pocket for times when the kids are bored while waiting somewhere, like a doctor's office, restaurant, or car trip. The types of paper games we have available are car bingo, hangman, tic-tac-toe, and a boggle type game. Printable Travel Games for Kids Free printable kids travel games pack including lots of traditional pen and paper games for kids, to keep them busy on long journeys (or in waiting rooms!

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These paper and pencil games can easily be played on a plane, in the car or anywhere to keep kids occupied. Keep kids engaged with fun and simple games that only require paper . Find and save ideas about Paper games for kids on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Steam activities, Marble maze and Paper plate design.