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❶Computers are of three kinds — the Analogue, the Digital and the Hybrid. Computer is the wonderful and mastermind gift of the science to the whole human fraternity.

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Components of a computer
What is a Computer?
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Since their invention computers increasingly are gaining popularity not only for individuals but also in many organizations. Many people have seen a computer and many own at least one. Since it arrived, the computer has completely changed how people do things and think.

The internet has changed our attitudes and our communications with each other. Fax and snow mail are things of the past, with many people using the internet to replace the two.

Most homes have at least one computer with internet access. Internet is relatively cheaper and faster. Many use the internet for communicating with others regardless of their location in the world. But the most modern computer made with electronic parts does wonderful things.

The history of the invention of computer is a chronicle of continuous assessment. Computers are of three kinds — the Analogue, the Digital and the Hybrid. An Analogue Computer can solve the difficult problems of mathematics within a very short time. A digital Computer can do varieties of things. It not only keeps accounts but also finds out defects of other machines and it tells about its solution.

Nowadays, a computer means a digital computer. And a hybrid computer works with the help of Digital and Analogue computer. It is also called a mixed computer. The parts of computer: A computer has mainly three parts- 1. Central Processing Unit 2. Input devices like keyboard, mouse, joysticks, floppy disks, etc 3. Output device include printer, monitor, etc. The Central Processing Unit is the brain of computer.

The input part receives signals and the output part gives the result. In a computer , the questions arranged though some signals and sent to the machine. This signaling is called a programme. Different programming languages are used in different computers. Programming plays a very important role in modernizing our thinking and thoughts. At first , the questions are sent to the receiver machine. The receiver machine then sends them to the preservation machine.

Thousands of words and numbers are arranged in the preservation machine. They are the brain or memory of computer. The central machine carries out the directions of the preservation machine and finds out the solution.

Finally, the result comes out of the output part of computer. Computer can be used in various sections. Really speaking, computer has a great influence on our everyday life.

It has lessened our workloads and made our life easy and comfortable. Computer plays an important role in the field of education. They collect various information regarding their study though internet with the help of computer. In educational institution, most of the records are stored in computer. At present , business, commerce and trade cannot be thought of without the help of computer. In the business field, computer is used to prepare documents, to make lists of goods, store information and to prepare budget etc.

In modern business , most of the communication is done though internet by computer. The influence of computer in the field of printing is very great. Really speaking, printing and publication cannot be thought without computer. At present in many developed countries , computer is used to diagnose diseases. A newer process of operation has been invented by computer as an alternative to surgery. There are many disadvantages of computer. We can buy anything online using computer and internet and get free delivery.

It is very useful for the preparation of project work of any student reading in any class. Computer is the wonderful and mastermind gift of the science to the whole human fraternity. It can be used to do any kind of works.

It is very easy to handle by anyone and takes very less time to learn. Because of its easiness and high work efficiency, it is being used in many fields like offices, banks, hotels, educational institutions, shops, hospitals, commercial places, schools, colleges, training institutes, military establishments, military, industries, etc.

Many people buy laptop or desktop for their kids to learn about required things in their schools or playing computerized video-games, etc. Computer is a big dictionary and large storage device which we use to save any type of large amount of data like information, study materials, projects, photos, images, video, audio, songs, clips, games, and many more.

It is an electronic machine which is able to calculate and solve big problems. It helps in enhancing our skill level and get information easily. It is very simple data based machine. It provides facility of many other tools like paint tool, text tool, etc which are very beneficial for the kids, children and students to use it more effectively. We can use it for any big or small mathematical calculations very accurately. It is used to forecast the information about weather, in printing books, news papers, diagnosing diseases, etc.

It is used to make online railway reservations, ticket booking, hotel or restaurant booking from any place all over the world.

It is used by MNC companies for the accounting purpose, invoicing, pay rolls, stock control, etc. In the modern world of technological advancement, computer is the amazing gift given by the science to us. It has changed the living style and standard of the people. No one can imagine the life without computer as it has made lots of works so easy within less time. Computer is playing great role in the development of the developing countries. It is not only a storage or processing device but it is like an angel which can make anything possible.

By many people it is used as the source of entertainment and communication. We can get connected to our friends, relatives, parents or others in no time through the use of video chat or email. Using internet in the computer we can search and retrieve vast information on any subject useful for our education or project work.

It is very safe and easy for the business transactions purposes through banks to any accounts. By providing the facility of data storage it has lessen the paper works in the governmental and non-governmental offices or colleges.

One can save lots of time and effort by online shopping, paying bill, etc by being at home through the computer. Computer education has been made compulsory by the government of India in all the schools, colleges and other educational institutions for enhancing the skill level as well as the easiness of the students in their professional life.

Learning computer has become very essential in all the modern-day jobs.

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Writing a program is essential for a computer. Speed, accuracy, reliability, and integrity are the main characteristics of a computer. Many of the routine activities today at .

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A computer is an electronic device that takes data in one form and gives it out in another form. The computer takes an input, processes it into an output which is stored in a storage device. The modern computers have evolved from simple computers to sophisticated device.

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A computer can be opened, operated and shut down with the help of a mouse. All complicated tasks can be done easily in a very short time with the help of a computer. The internet is a computer-based communication system. Computer is wonderful scientific invention. Charles Babez offered a primary concept of computer. On the basis of his concept the first automatic electronic computer was invented in And so he is called the father of computer/5(35).

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Alternative Computer Essay: Introduction: With the latest invention of modern science, our civilization is getting more development. The computer has been a great wonder of modern science. There is no denying the fact that the role of the computer in this modern age is inevitable. Read this short paragraph about Computer and Internet! We are now living in the digital era where almost everything is done using technology. Since their invention computers increasingly are gaining popularity not only for individuals but also in many organizations.