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❶Given the highly diverse nature of faith, it is pertinent to explore and analyse this diversity in terms of continuous evolution of the human race.

Theology, Philosophy and Religion Dissertation Topics

Hence, a lot of hard work is required in the process of writing philosophy dissertation. If philosophy is considered as a wide subject and its works are elaborated in true sense than philosophy dissertation titles would cover many pages, for the range of topics become quite broad. None the less, the following 25 topics are as per the understanding and capability of students. Hence they can pick one of them for philosophy dissertation.

The work does not finish after choosing a topic rather it starts in real meanings. In writing philosophy dissertation, the style of writing matters a lot. Students must argue convincingly and the referred material must impact the writing. The referential material must not be apparent in the writing. Though it is difficult do so, yet it is equally important with every other consideration. Students must refer the material already written on that topic.

The Cambridge Dictionary of philosophy, the journal of philosophy, and the philosophical quarterly must be referred in the process. The focus must be on the topic statement and personal views must be given. In the conclusion the philosophical view point must be presented. Second, those writing a full year thesis should have completed about 40 pages by the end of Winter Study. If you have more specific questions please consult the department chair. At present we have a sample thesis by Max Weinstein.

We expect to add more theses soon. You may view different portions of his thesis by clicking on one of the appropriate titles below. To return to this menu use the return button. Thesis Information Thesis Guidelines There are two rules that the department would like students to keep in mind. Sample Thesis At present we have a sample thesis by Max Weinstein.

Edmonds Metaphysics, nihilism, and style: The use of pleasure and The care of the self Daniel P. Kray Poetic vision and philosophic thought Charles Imohiosen The description of nature: Jean Baudrillard and late capitalism Charles H. Stevenson The environment, attitude, and truth Michael E. Lapin Personal identity and the brain Edward S.

Levy Behind the eight ball:

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Sep 04,  · Example philosophy dissertation topic 3: Rousseau, Plato and the concept of civil religion. Within the chapter 'On civil religion' of Book IV of the Social Contract Rousseau discusses how institutions of state contribute to the preservation of regime.

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Date of Update: 6/28/ For information about dissertation topics written by students in the recent and not so recent past, see this document: http://philosophy.

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Recent Dissertations Byron Davies Dependence on Persons and Dependence on Things in Rousseau’s Social, Psychological, and Aesthetic Theory (anticipated May ) Objectivity and Intersubjectivity in Moral Philosophy (May ) Micha Glaeser Counsel and Command: An Address-Dependent Account of Authority (November ). Philosophy studies are in close proximity with the other fields of humanities which give students a wide choice – as some fields intersect with it - in selecting the philosophy dissertation topic. However, it is important to understand that philosophy dissertation is not .

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Theology, Philosophy and Religion Dissertation Topics - FREE Master & Bachelor dissertation topics - an excellent start with your proposal or dissertation. Religion and Philosophy Dissertation Topics. Religion and philosophy have been going hand in hand throughout history. Philosophy has been used for justification and questioning of the supreme power of God as well as the basic fundamentals of the religious faith.