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What is a Short-Term Goal?

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❶What are some good ideas for short term goals? Depositing a check this afternoon is a short-term goal.


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Increase teacher visibility throughout the school. Develop an effective silent mentor program. Improve student hallway behavior. Increase student involvement in recognizing and reporting incidences of bullying. Insight House presenting on the negative effects of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Guidance counselor and social worker revamping character education curriculum so the students can relate to it more.

Educate the students on the soft skills working with others, making eye contact, presentation, reliability. Continue to improve the Middle School Teaming process. The OCC — Middle School committee that works on and plans outer circle activities for both adults and students ie: Students of the Month and Students of the Marking Period. Cross-teaming activities for students zoo field trip, college visits, good citizenship activities. FCS mock interviews and career exploration.

Once you get used to the pattern, make it a long-term goal. If you have study hall, see whether you can get all the homework for one class done then. Divide the homework up into manageable amounts, and, again, track your progress for a set time period to see how you did.

Most high school students are steered toward going to college these days, and the process does involve figuring some things out on your own.

For short-term planning, set a goal such as talking to a guidance counselor about your options. If you are further along in high school, plan to visit two or three colleges in a semester.

Talk to your parents, friends and their families to see whether you can plan a group trip to a campus. Set a timeline with manageable deadlines, and try to have some fun along the way. The experience of being on the team or in the play involves all participants in learning to achieve reasonable goals of self-improvement.

Talk to a coach, director or teacher, and take the advice they offer to decide how you can improve. A short-term goal for sports could be to boost a certain statistic by a few points in a month or come up with a plan to finally beat a rival team. Actors can strive to memorize all their lines by a certain date. Musicians can plan to perform in an ensemble or competition. When you imagine success, do you picture nice possessions, a large house, and a certain kind of security and range of options?

How important is intercultural dialogue and international travel? For business or personal growth, do you picture being able to move and communicate in a globalized world? If so, language study and early international travel and work experience will serve you well.

Would you be willing to sacrifice some comforts for an artistic career? What can you do now to progress as an artist and prepare for the rest?

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My goal for this school year is to maintain an B+ or above grade average. My goal for this quarter is to pass Biology. My goal this week is to pass my cognitive exam. My goal is to wake up everyday for my 8 am organic chem course. My goal is to go to the gym for 6 weeks, nor more than 4 times a week.

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High school can be a challenging time for students, who may experience newfound stress as they begin the process of developing serious goals, perhaps for the first time. Setting short-term goals is a good way to relieve the pressures that are all around in high school. They are also a direct path.

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A short-term goal is something you want to do in the near future. The near future can mean today, this week, this month, or even this year. A short-term goal is something you want to accomplish soon. A short term goal is a goal . A short-term goal is something you want to accomplish soon. Something that will take you a long time to accomplish is called a long-term goal. Both long- and short-term goals can help you in your career.

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The first week back at school is a really good time to think through what you hope for and need for the coming year, and to examine how your decisions now will impact your long-term goals and successes. I’m suspicious of New Year’s Resolutions —the middle of winter is a dreadful time to la. sophomore in high school, I learned something. I knew I never Short-term goals are those specific activities and strategies that move us toward our longterm goals or “ideal - future.” The following are quest ions that can help you formulate your short-term goals. Long-term Goals and Short-term Goals.